Monday, May 19, 2008


My sister Amy and her husband Brett have a parakeet. His name is Eco like Echo. Dante and Ethan have learned to love Eco. Ethan used to be scared of him- but now he lets him fly on his head, on his arm, walk all over him, bite him and even poop on him, if the occasion calls for it. The bird is usually free in their bathroom or bedroom. So, sometimes while you are walking down the hall way, you'll start hearing some weird noise and then something lands on your head... and it is Eco.

I'm not much of a bird or fish fan. I don't want to have to deal with them when they are dead- so I just leave them up to other people. Dead birds and fish scare me- and haunt my dreams at night. Don't ask me why. However, I am happy that Amy and Brett have a bird so my kids can have him to play with.

Now, Erin on the other hand- loves LOOKING at Eco- but he comes within a few feet away from her- and she freaks! Have you ever heard your child "I'm really scared scream?" Erin's "I'm really scared scream" is like a very deep "aughhhh" and she literally can't move. I can't wait to get it on video tape someday because it is soooo funny!

I still have some funny footage for you though! For mother's day- Christie video taped or rather tried to video tape my kids individually telling me what they love about me and stuff like that. Here is a snip of Erin's part with Eco!


BeatlesDiva said...

Kiddies and pets are just too fun. This is just too cute!

Amber Staub said...

That is hilarious. I love how she keeps looking to the side,just waiting for the bird to pounce on her.

Jenn W said...

This is really too funny. My kids kept asking me to play it again.