Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ethan's new favorite saying

Ethan has a new hobby. Can anyone tell what it is?

He LOVES to cut paper into teeny tiny little pieces and always leaves a huge mess- so I have started making him cut at the table ONLY!! This way it is easy to just sweep off- and go in the trash. Today, he asked me very nicely... "Mom, can I please cut some paper with the green scissors?" How can I say no to that?!- I agree- and I said, "Just remember you can ONLY cut at the table-- not in my room, not in your room, not in the office, not anywhere but the table!"

Ethan then so sweetly says, "Ok Mom! Just go to your room. It is ok- you can go and be in your room ALL by yourself. " Hmmmmmmm.......something is NOT right with him saying this and trying to entice me to have some alone time in my room?? (If I don't go- he will push me towards my room saying "Go on Mom.")

He has started to say this more frequently- with- ok- just go in the office, or just go outside, or just go in your room--... as always I have learned my lesson- that he has a hidden agenda when he asks me to do these things.

Kids are sometimes too smart for their own good, but I LOVE it!:)