Monday, May 12, 2008

My favorite Mother's Day gift

is FROM DANTE!! (And yes- I do play favorites!) I have no problem telling any of my kids if their picture isn't good enough for me:) Just kidding- I just laugh at it- and then I think they get the hint. No, but in all seriousness- Dante really did draw me a VERY nice picture with a lot of thought and was pretty spot on. He brought it home from school on Friday... and when I saw it- this is how our conversation went:

Me: Awwww!! Dante-- I LOVE it!! I'm so glad you look at me as though I'm the size of a house.
Dante: (laughing) NOO! I don't think you are like a house- but I needed to fill up the whole paper. (more laughing)
Me: Awww- and why is my shirt yellow??
Dante: Because that is your favorite color!
Me: You remembered my favorite color!! That makes me sooo happy:)
Dante: I know!! AND I put blue jeans on you because of your new business!!
Me: How did you know about my new business??
Dante: I've heard you talking about it before! You know- people lose weight and you give them a pair of jeans!!
Me: (totally in shock and awe) Oh my gosh- that is so right!! WOW!! Dante- you are number 1!

Seriously- it seems as though nothing can get by him! My favorite though is when Chet and I are talking and we will spell different things out- like p-r-e-s-e-n-t or whatever- and Dante will remind us that he can read and spell!! Oh- yeah- I keep forgetting he is 7 and no longer the rambunctious toddler he once was.

Mother's day was fabulous- and I get my apron in the mail tomorrow- so get ready to see a pic of Chet wearing it tomorrow!!:) YEE-HAW!!