Monday, May 5, 2008

What do I do when I need to feel refreshed??

MOVE FURNITURE!! Yes- something makes me feel so good when I move furniture and it also makes things seem so different, almost like I'm in a new house all over again:)

I remember a post from my friend Morgan a while ago about her moving furniture all by herself, so I thought I would give it a try-- and I think I did a pretty darn good job:) And yes- every piece moved- was done ALL by myself!

What do you think? Are you SOO proud of me?? I sure was!

Here is the before master bedroom- king size bed and couch in front of entertainment center.

NOW - we have a new queen size bed that Chet won at work, and I moved it in front of the TV, so I could actually fall asleep during a movie vs. waking up and moving when it was over from the couch.

I have moved the couch to where the king size bed was previously, and the glider was already in that same spot. It is like we have our own living room, in our room now! I LOVE IT!

Just a different angle with the couch and part of the bed in the same picture.

Here is Dante's before room- with a twin bed.

Here is his NOW room with the king size bed!! (I'm washing the sheets in case you were wondering:)) And yes- that means I moved the king size bed- all by myself from one end of the house to the complete opposite side of the house... and that thing is hard to stabilize, when you are only at one end pushing or pulling! I'm not gonna lie- most things come easy to me- but this was pretty hard!

Here is Erin's before room, with just one twin bed

And here is Erin's after room- and Ethan now shares with Erin, because they have the same bedtime... so it is easier to have them together instead of Ethan with Dante. You can't see the closet in this picture- but it is on the other side of the dresser.

I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH MYSELF I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!! Seriously- I made Chet take me out for ice-cream as my reward-- he loves me sooooOOOOooooo much! (have your voice go up and down when the o's go up and down- gives it more of an effect)

Enjoy- and if you need me to come and help rearrange your furniture- I'm a call away! :) Seriously!


Peachblossm said...

that's awesome. You are totally a rockstar!

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

Good job Bertie!

Katie said...


Jill Hunt said...

You sure are wonder woman. I am the same way. It always makes me feel better to move things around. I love your house!

Morgan said...

I'm impressed...ESPECIALLY moving a king sized bed!! All I did was slide some furniture across the wood floors. :)

Amber Staub said...

Good thing you're a mighty muscle woman to start with. I can't believe you got that king bed moved by yourself. I may be calling you sometime soon:)

Shanna said...

I would have come helped! It's always fun to do something like that with a friend. Who knows, I may be calling you sometime for help!