Thursday, May 1, 2008

A TRUE girlie girl!!

Erin can be quite the whiner sometimes, especially if her brothers are picking on her. She knows exactly how to get her way anytime, anyplace and about anything! Usually she does not get distracted until she gets her way. HOWEVER.....

the other day we were swimming over at my moms and Dante and Ethan were splashing her, or doing something she didn't quite like and so she was complaining to me, and I didn't do anything about it... so she goes up to my youngest sister Emily, and starts whining,

Erin: "Emily- Dante and Ethan are being........ ARE THOSE FAKE NAILS????" (Emily had just had a manicure with tips put on)
Emily: "Yes."
Erin: "They are pretty. I like them."

Then she miraculously forgets what she was even complaining about.

THANK YOU fake nails! You were there for me when I needed you most and didn't want to have to listen to more complaining that day.

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Anonymous said...

Just think of all the fake things you could use to distract Erin in the future:

"Waaaahhh... wait! Are those fake hair extensions?!"

"Waaaahhh...wait! Are those fake eyelashes!?"

"Waaaahhh.l.. wait! Are those FAKE BOOBS?!!!"

Bertie said...

LOL! Andrea- you crack me up! Thanks for the ideas- I'll def. use those in the future:)

Katie said...

thank goodness for any distraction for our kiddos!! at the moment, mine is fruit snacks!