Friday, May 16, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance!!

I can't believe no one even TRIED to guess the song trivia. I'm very disappointed in my readers right now- does anyone watch SYTYCD?? If not- you WILL this season-- or I will make my blog private and you WILL NOT be invited to read. Just kidding- but seriously- this show rocks!! It starts MAY 22nd- so you better tune in! Some of the dancers are HILARIOUS that try out. I will definitely be doing a recap this year on my blog of my favorite and least favorite and hopefully adding video when I can. Just to give you a few clips from my favorite past dances- OH- and I do expect you to watch this season- so you know what I'm talking about and so that you can make your own comments too on my blog:)

You'll want to push pause on my music player towards the bottom on the right hand side of my page.:)

Here is one of my favs from Sabra and Neil from last season- Neil was my pick of choice to win-- SO close!!

This video is Lacey and Kameron, and the dance that the song goes with-- (my trivia song!)

This one is pretty funny! LOVE IT!! This is from the second season-- here is TRANJI!!

I'm sure that is enough for now- if you watched the show- what are some of your past favorite dances or couples??:) Can you tell I'm a little excited??


Mrs. B said...

Bertie - I love that song! That dance (by Lacey and Kameron) was my absolute favorite of all time! I totally would've guessed it, but I only scroll blogs like once a week ;)

Katie said...

bertie, i absolutely LOVE this show too!! I can't wait until it starts!!!

Bertie said...

YEAH!! I'm so excited that ya'll can't wait for the season to start either:)

Monica said...

I have never watched the show - now I guess I am going to have to!

Amber Staub said...

I love the show but I'm not a faithful watcher. Maybe this season that should change?