Monday, May 26, 2008

Tis' the season for swimming......

The kids have been in and out of the pool every single day over the last few weeks and they are having a ball! We live over at my mom's house during the summer, because all the kids want to do is swim, and it gets so hot here- that that is about all anyone wants to do:)

Whenever I think of kids swimming I think of this video! It makes me laugh and cry and sometimes pee my pants- it is THAT funny! I would love to witness something like this someday.

Also, this evening I went over to a Memorial Day Bar-b-que- and was SOOO tempted to push one of the adults in the pool- but I felt like if I did- then I wouldn't have any friends anymore! So, I held back- and I hope you feel special Amber- because I held back from pushing YOU in! You were right on the edge and I was walking by and I was soooo tempted! Melynda held my hand and took me away. She had a little talk with me about how it is not nice to push people in the pool when they are wearing clothes. Just kidding- she just laughed and told me that you would have been a good sport and egged me on for next time! So, maybe next time! Because a party really isn't a party until someone gets pushed in:)


spenceandcass said...

I definitely would rather be the one pushing than the one being pushed! Swimming sound so fun right now. It's like 45 degrees and rainy here in Utah!

Amber Staub said...

Pretty funny Bertie! I'm glad you didn't push me in, but I may not be as nice if the situation is ever reversed, now that I know you would have done it to me:)