Thursday, May 15, 2008

Music Trivia?????

I have put a new song on my blog -- who knows what it is from?? I will slowly start giving away clues as time passes, and no one guesses correctly. It can be from a lot of different things- but I'm thinking of one in particular. Good luck- and the prize will be Resp-ekt from the B-meister!

CLUE #1 - The song is from a previous season of a reality TV series, that is about to start up again?

CLUE #2 - Two people performed to this song......

CLUE #3 - The reality show is on Fox- now if you have ever watched this show- you should know the name of the 2 people who danced to this song-- and what the show is called!:)

Any guesses yet??

PS- Today Erin and Ethan were bickering in the car-- and I just decided to let them duke it out- instead of intervening, because sometimes I just get tired of stepping in... anyways- about 5 min. into the "serious" arguing- I hear Ethan say VERY matter of fact- "No, Erin! I'm right, you're wrong- I'm RIGHT- You're WRONG! "

I of course- start laughing (what else is new? My poor children!) and I'm like Ethan where did you learn that? Erin happily perks up and says, "I know where he got that from.... Matilda."

I then ask- who says that in Matilda and she replies- Ms. Trunchbole and Matilda's dad say that!

And the fight did NOT continue! I love movie lines:)


Melanie Rossi said...

I hadn't checked your blog in a few days and I know this song because I too am a huge sytycd fan! I'm crazy fan! I totally remeber that dance to that song with Lacy. i think that is my all time fav and i love that song. Isn't the singer Elisa or something like that?