Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Burfday Boogs!!

At what seemed like 2 AM this morning- this little dude came running into our bedroom shouting- "I'M FOUR NOW! I'M FOUR NOW!!" So, yes- it is true- my baby turned 4 today! He has had a wonderful day today- and we will actually celebrate his b-day tomorrow, because Chet is working all day and night today- and is off tomorrow. And then he gets to celebrate it with Emily again!

Lately Ethan has had a thing for toads. I HATE toads- I don't know why- maybe it is because when you go running at night here- you are having to dodge them every few seconds or else you will squish one-- so maybe that is where I got my fear-- but Ethan LOVES the things, like any boy should. He has been "hiding" them from me- or at least attempting to hide them from me. He is not a very good liar- and he will come in the house and be like "Mom, guess what? There are NO toads in Erin's bike! " huhh?? does that make sense to you? Why out of the blue he would just say something weird like that?? So- I go and check in Erin's bike- and what do you know- a mama toad and a baby toad have been placed under the seat in Erin's bike that lifts up so conveniently. I jump about 10 feet in the air when I see them-- and tell him they will die if he keeps them in there and they need to go back to their home... so go put them back.
This cute little guy obeys and 25 min. later comes back to me and says "MOM! There are NO frogs under that bucket- so DON'T look!" (I hope this never changes- and that his lies will always be this apparent) I tell him- the frog will die if you keep it under the bucket because it is 257 degrees outside and it will burn up and die! So, he "did" what I asked.
This morning he was out early again toad hunting and I have to go find him because he isn't answering and I can't see him anymore. Sure enough he had broken in to one of our neighbors yards and found a toad. He brought him out, and I was like- k- go put him back now. Ethan then says- NO- he needs to go home! I say- ok- put him where he belongs and then come back home. Ethan does what I say. Later that afternoon he is crying and sad about something so I say--- OK- do you want me to take a picture with you and the toad?? He says YES- In the house??? Since it is his b-day I said- ok- but then you take that toad right back outside!!! So, he runs and goes and gets it-- and all of a sudden I hear Erin yelling- MOM! Ethan brought a dead toad into the house. I was like, "What?!" Ethan then shouts back- NO! It is not dead! I walk out into the hallway and Ethan has a toad sitting on his head! And takes his hands away and was like- see mom- it's not dead! I was like- Ethan take it outside, take it outside, take it outside (x's 50) because I was starting to hyper ventilate at this point because there is nothing worse then a toad except a DEAD toad! It must have just died because it was still fleshy and hydrated, etc... but it was dead! I kept trying to tell Ethan the toad was dead and Ethan kept insisting that it wasn't and he wanted to play with him. So, I said- ok- just stay outside, but he is dead! So- for my son's 4th b-day he got to play outside all day and play with a dead frog. I'm sorry- that may be sick and I agree- but it was his b-day.. and I didn't know what to do- I was in shock! There was a dead toad in my house. IN my house ON Ethan's head! That's MY boy- and I love him to death and hope that he will always look back on his 4th b-day as one of the best, because his mom let him play with a dead frog, while she locked herself in her room scared the dead frog was going to become a giant frog and eat her- because somehow Ethan probably killed it playing with it- and it was MY fault. (ps- I could NOT bring myself to take a picture of Ethan with a DEAD toad!- I couldn't even look at the thing- don't ask me why I have this irrational fear of dead animals- maybe Pet Cemetery?? ) Happy Birthday Boogs- YOU ARE FOUR!!!


Katie said...

I'm with you Bertie...toads gross me out! But I'm glad your little man had a great birthday!! :)

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

ditto what kitten said!

spenceandcass said...


I think Ava would be in heaven in Texas with all of those toads! We don't see many of them here. In fact, I think the last time I actually saw a toad was when i was a kid. SO COOL! Dead toads......not so cool.

Monica said...

Hahaha!! LOVE the stories, Bertie! Happy Birthday Ethan! Just think, the dead toad may be disgusting and all, but that's probably the cheapest you'll ever be able to give him "everything his heart desires" for his birthday!

the smoots said...

Those stories are so funny! I would love to meet your kids so day!! Happy Birthday!

BeatlesDiva said...

OMG! He is sooo cute! Such a lucky mommy to have a doll like that in your life.

Dave and Jana said...

Wow Betie
I am impressed with all of your blogs! Your awesome!

meg said...

BERTIE! Your stories are great! I must tell you that I was screaming laughing when I read "my son played with a dead toad for his birthday". I laughed for so long that I started crying! You have the most DELIGHTFUL family! You're blessed, and I'm blessed for knowing you. Thank you a hundred times for ALL of the laughs you bring! A DEAD TOAD! hahhahahahah