Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I did not grow up with boys, so some of the things that boys think and do are totally new to me! So, about an hour ago I was in the back vacuuming and I hear a couple of smashes and I figure it is Ethan trying to pop the child proof doorknob off the front door so he can go outside. I didn't think much of it- and thought I could at least finish vacuuming the back room before checking on him. Sure enough, he was able to knock the child proof door knob off with one of Chet's shoes.... and left the door part way open- and when I opened the door--- to my absolute HORROR I find him peeing in action in our front yard!!! I could not believe it!! If we are out camping, fine! - but not at home when we have 3 perfectly good bathrooms to use! So, as he is finishing up- I have to grab the camera- because I'm NOT going to let him live this one down!!! I asked him- why didn't you just go in the potty- and his response was "I just felt like peeing outside" and I was like- well, why did you feel like peeing outside... he was like- I don't know- I just did and it was close to me?? And I said- so you peed on our little ginger bread house?? And he was like- no... I peed in the grass (as he laughed) Okidoki, LOL! MAN! I was soo mortified that I did not step out past my front porch- just in case my neighbors were outside, or anyone happened to drive by and see! I was seriously dying inside-- I could NOT believe it!! AUGGGHHH:) Boys crack me up!!!


Katie said...

bob is 31 years old and still loves to pee in our backyard! it must be a boy thing that they never outgrow! :)

Mrs. B said...

That is hilarious!!!