Friday, April 17, 2009


Yes, I have a place that I go to - not as often as I would like, because apparently I can spend too much money there... but I get swept up in giddiness when I go.

Yes-- it is Jo-Ann's or Hobby Lobby or wherever they happen to sell lots and lots of fabric!

I went yesterday because they had their whole line of Tutti Fruiti 50% off. And that is some CUTE fabric! Then of course I went around looking for other good finds, and found some cute "baby blanket" material-- so today, while it is supposed to be storming-- I will be sewing my little head off. I have the intention of selling everything that I make out of this fabric, and I'm hoping to double what I spent. Let's see how it works! I will be opening up an etsy shop soon-- but I need help with a name. So- if you were opening a boutique for little kids and babies-- what would you call it??

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Bare Feet and Sunshine
2. Bare Feet and Rainbows
3. Sunshine and Sweet Kisses
4. Sunshine and Little Kisses
5. A La Frou Frou

I had more- but can't remember right now- but let me know which one you like best, your suggestions, and then later in the week I'll put up a poll and that will be the name!

I'll also be doing giveaways of the current aprons I have made-- to get my name out there.

And I have about 65 posts that I'm behind on-- but I will be posting about Easter, Emily's crazy ER trip (I mean she was TRIPPIN'), and more!

Plus- don't forget about my Fitness Friday Giveaway over at

Off to SEW!!


Joyce said...

I love all the fabrics!! And the name of your shop should be A La Frou Frou. So cute!!

Julianne said...

Hey Bertie!! It's been a long time since I checked up on you... forgive me! Life is crazy with THREE kids - I don't know how you do it! My vote is A LA FROU FROU - funny and cute. Can't wait to see your Etsy shop!

Stephanie said...

You really have gotten serious about your sewing! I think everything you've sewn and posted has been really cute. Good Luck!

KID, MD said...

Love the Tutti Frutti sale - I partook as well, but for a little Myra dress. I vote for Sunshine and little kisses - too sweet!