Friday, April 10, 2009

Since when do BOYS outnumber GIRLS??

A couple weeks ago Dante had a 2nd grade Hoe Down, where all the kids get to wear western wear-- and then square dance around the cafeteria. We thought it was too funny, because there were about 8 "boy" couples and Dante happened to be one of the boys dancing with another boy.... when usually it is the girls that outnumber the boys and you only see girls dancing with girls. Dante just looked hilarious to me! He is such a funny kiddo! Take a look at the video below to see what I mean... You can't miss Dante, he is the one who chose to wear a grey shirt with a PUMPKIN on it in late March. I guess cowboys grow pumpkins?? Rights?! He is dancing with the boy in the navy blue shirt and the red bandanna around his neck.

The hoe-down got cut short because apparently their was a tornado in the area a few blocks away, and the school had to take precaution and take all the kids in the entire school into the hallways and they had to lay down on their knees and put their head against the wall. Poor things-- those hallways got HOT! And NEVER in my entire 12 years of school in Houston/Sugar Land did I ever have a "real" drill like that. It was fascinating. I never got scared, because, tornado's don't really come around here much- and if they do they are little funnel clouds that never touch... but the school can never be too careful-- but it was comforting to know that our whole family WAS in the same place-- Chet, Ethan, and I were all there to see Dante's dance moves, and Erin was in her kindergarten class.

I still can't believe that it was overcast when we went into the school and not 20 min. later a HUGE thunderstorm was going on and we were all on the floor due to a tornado that might hit. That weather changes SO fast! (and I was mainly sulking because I was MISSING the thunderstorm-- because you can't hardly hear anything in that school) STUPID TORNADO KEPT ME INSIDE!

But I am grateful for safety measures too!

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Melynda said...

Dante's got some SWEET moves. That thunderstorm was crazy!

Kaylynne said...

I never had a real tornado drill either. Sounds fun. I used to hate square dancing. You had to touch icky boys.

Jen Petty said...

Love the square dancing... Elia has the same fashion "sense" it makes no difference to her that all the girls are now wearing white shoes... She still wants to wear her black ones.