Thursday, April 23, 2009

What do I do on Tuesdays and Thursdays??

I get to watch these 2 cuties, Brayden (21 months) and Ryland (3 months), from 9 in the morning to about 7 at night. My Kids LOVE them! That is an understatement- I think they would literally die for these 2 if the opportunity arose.
Ethan is home with me during the day while I have them and he LOVES to play with Brayden and he LOVES to feed the baby and it is SO nice! I think he really enjoys being the "older" brother for once. :)

Dante and Erin come home at 3:00 and then I get a chance to see what it would be like to have 5 kids. And while at times it gets crazy-- especially after school and having to start dinner, get kids doing homework, practicing piano and off to different activities-- I think it would mainly be more fun! Especially since me kids are SO in love with helping out!

One lady with 8 kids that I knew, said that her house was always like a circus, and then she went on to say... "But who doesn't LOVE the circus?" :)

So, until I have 5 of my own... I will enjoy my days as pretending to be a mom of 5!

And just in case ya'll thought I was pregnant in the post below- I'm not. But, watch me be pregnant now- since I said I'm not. That is how it seems to work with me:)