Saturday, April 4, 2009

Les Mis...


Last night Chet and I went with Amy and Brett and Christie and Derek to see Les Mis. It was just as amazing as I expected! The music, the talent, the crowd-- EVERYTHING! We almost weren't going to be able to go- and I'm so glad we did end up getting to go and that everything worked out. I, of course, recommend this play to ANYONE!

But I do have a question for those who have seen this maybe more then once or in NYC... during the last song when they are singing, "Will you stand and fight" or whatever that line is.... are you supposed to STAND UP? One lone lady in the audience did and started singing and we were all like, either she is really moved... OR, she has seen it quite a few times and most audiences stand up and do this-- and we all are really the ones that look weird. So, let me know! (if you know)Also, a BIG shout out to the newly engaged couple!! My sister, Christie, will be getting married over the summer... WHOO-HOO and we already love Derek!

And as promised- I have updated with my fitness story over at bertie411. Check it out!

Hope you are enjoying conference:)


Mrs. B said...

That is so funny! I saw Les Mis in London and in Atlanta and you are definitely NOT supposed to stand up and sing along. That is only allowed during Mama Mia!

Jenn said...

Did you see my family there? They went too!

Anonymous said...

I second Mrs. B- No standing and DEFINITELY no singing aloud! It certainly makes a fun memory though!