Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh... he GOT the dreaded CURSE

Here is how I KNOW he got the curse.... I'll walk into his bathroom and find blood splattered on the floor usually with a bloody tissue near by... and when I go in search of him...
he is suffering from another chronic nose bleed!
Why oh WHY can't they ONLY get our good genetics and not the ones that you hate to pass on... poor Ethan has my nose bleed syndrome at the drop of a hat, along with my clumsiness's, my need for aspirin nightly because my legs will start to hurt due to too much jumping and bounding (when I was a child... I've grown out of that now:))

Yes, he has gotten some great traits as well of mine... but oh how I get so sad for him when I see what he will be going through-- especially every time he trips and falls or runs into a door jam... and you don't grow out of that.

Poor guy-- but he is a trooper with his nose bleeds and just carries on with his day while holding a tissue to his nose... it is almost as second nature to him as a mother nursing a baby while cooking. You just learn to live while having something attached to you 24-7! (it isn't that bad... but I still feel for him)

What are some quirky things you have passed down to your kids through genetics, that you wished those genes had just stayed dormant FOREVER!!??


Melynda said...

My ability to be stubborn.

Kimberly said...

I think about this often, actually. My kids have no chance at good eyesight and they're likely to have problems with TMJ and migraines. I also plan to have very difficult toddlers--apparently I was explosive and would regularly throw my head back onto the floor while throwing tantrums. So now it is payback time, I guess?

Kaylynne said...

Both our kids have my temper.
BTW our oldest used to get nose bleeds like crazy too. It is rough on the sheets.