Friday, April 3, 2009

Will SEW for FOOD!

Since I have learned how to sew I have been going a little overboard and trying to learn whatever I can. First it was the aprons and then on to baby blankets, next I'm working on a really, REALLY cute adult apron- that I have yet to see ANYWHERE online-- (you can't wait, huh!?)

Anyways.... I was thinking about maybe making some money doing this, but I'm not sure if they are marketable-- I think they are super cute... but I made them- so of course they are to me-- it is like they are my babies!:)

So, I have 2 separate polls up on the side of my blog on what you would pay for these items if you saw them in a store. And if I should perhaps open an etsy shop? You are more then welcome to leave comments as well on your thoughts of what I need to do better. I know that they aren't perfect--- but I'm getting better, which means-- soon they really WILL be marketable.

First up the aprons, which we have Tyler, Dante, Ethan and Erin so "embarrassingly" modeling them. The bow is made big enough to wrap around to the front to give them a little more "cuteness". I will also be adding pockets to them-- but for the material I didn't have enough to add them. Erin is strutting my "patchwork" apron, which I cut the squares then pieced them together to make it a little more sassy.

Here is one with the pocket modeled by Brayden!

Below are bigger pictures of each apron.

Now we have the baby blankets! Can I tell you how FUN these are!!:) I almost want to make one as big as me, and keep it for myself-- and can you tell I really like yellow??

The first ones I attempted were whole ones. Fleece backed with fleece. The next blankets I made I cut the material in squares and then pieced them together and backed them with a single sheet of fleece.
This one I have already given to my nephew Sammy.... I made it out of Ethan and Dante's old receiving blankets! So- it cost me 0 dollars!

This one was a kit from Joann's that I got 40% off with a coupon-- ending up costing me 10 bucks! I still had to cut the pieces, but it told me exactly what to do.

And this one is my FAVORITE!! I love the colors, and just everything about it!

So, now that you have seen my handy work-- what would you pay for these items if they were on sale?? (the most you would pay)


Joyce said...

You have become a sewing maniac! Everything is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Whew, you have been working, girl! Keep on sewing! They look great!