Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This past weekend Chet's brother Dennis and his wife Darla came into town to stay with us for a night before going on a cruise out of Galveston. Things had been pretty hectic for me that week, so I didn't have much time to get the house completely in order. Or rather- my "order" is not Chet's "order". He is a bit of a perfectionist-- when I think clean-- I think spraying things down, making the house look orderly, vacuuming-- but to him it is :

Cleaning the GROUT in our kitchen!!

This is literally a miracle! I have NEVER seen Chet on his hands and knees before SCRUBBING a counter top let alone a floor! I HAD to document it-- so that I can remember-- and BOY did our floor look AMAZING afterwards! I mean, who has time to clean their grout?

Doesn't it look like a NEW floor?? And yes- it was BAD!! But I didn't realize how bad, until I saw how white it was actually supposed to be. I was SO proud of him! I was glowing like a pregnant lady!

He also put the kids to work:
Dante was put in charge of the tile on the island in the kitchen.
Ethan and Erin were put in charge of the windows. Ethan decided just to be in his underpants, in case he needed to pee outside (again!)

But ALL I can say is-- MIRACLES do happen, especially when an older brother is coming into town! So- thanks Dennis and Darla for coming and showing me that Chet and my kids CAN clean when they put their mind to it.. because I was starting to wonder.:)

I think they have now forgotten though- but I'm still a PROUD wife and mama while the memory is still fresh!



Jenn said...

Were you really glowing like a pregnant woman?

Stephanie said...

I hate our grout, you should never have white grout, only dark. How did he clean it? I need to do ours.