Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lazy Mom Confessions!

I usually try to post once a day... and that is it. So, last week when Lazy Mom's had their "Lazy Confessions" linky up... I couldn't do it- because I had already posted for that day-- but today you are IN LUCK.... they are doing it again... and I do have a confession.

The whole point of their site is "A Lazy Mom isn’t really lazy. She finds fast and efficient ways to get more done so she can have more fun." And well, I have come to realize... that I am just really a lazy mom... I mean really lazy- not one with clever ideas to be more efficient and get more done to have more fun... just plain LAZY! But I guess I do have some tricks up my sleeve.... if that is what you want to call it.

Here is just one of the two I can actually think of right now... and it has to do with LAUNDRY!

Whenever I am picking up clothes off the floor, I will smell them, and if they smell fine-- I put them right back where they belong- worn or not, and sometimes I'll get a VERY unpleasant wiff... and in the laundry basket she GOES! The "wiffs" I get are worth it, because it keeps me from doing lots of unnecessary laundry... which means less folding or hanging up in the end (the part I really don't like!)

There is my lazy moms confession for now... I don't have too many- because I feel like EVERYTHING I do -- takes FOREVER! LOL! But I sure am having fun learning other Lazy Mom's ideas and putting them to the test.

Do you have one?? You need to go to Lazy Mom's and link it up then because I want to know yours too!

ps- I have updated Bertie411, my fitness blog, this morning, so if you are into checking it out- CHECK IT!

and another pps- if you have not voted on my poll please do so- and if you need to see my blankets and aprons again- go here! Thanks!! (ya'll are the BEST!)


Lazy Mom Amanda said...

Yay! Thanks for confessing and linking to us. I think I have used your laundry trick once or twice in my lifetime too!!! :)

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Hey Bertie! I love your confession! I too am Lazy in the true sense of the word. Hence the need to find some tricks to get through it all faster! Thanks for playing along!

Stephanie said...

Bertie, only you will confess to the things we really all do. I do that a lot with maternity clothes, because I don't have as many, so if it has been a long time since I have done laundry, I could be out of luck with clothes.