Thursday, September 17, 2009

Used to walk home from school... now we walk to the PARK!

One big difference living here vs. in our house back in Sugar Land is that we DON'T live right across the street from the school anymore. It was SO nice to be able to send Dante and Erin out the door at 7:30 and say "See ya!" and not have to go pick them up at all, and just expect them to arrive home at sometime between 3:05 - 3:15, depending on what friends they got distracted walking home with and running around playing with. It was GREAT! And if I needed to check on them, I just had to walk out my front door and look down the sidewalk-- and they were always there somewhere along that sidewalk!

Towards the middle of the year, Ethan would even leave around the time they were supposed to get home and ride his bike up and down the sidewalk until they came home- sometimes he would even wait by the stop sign in anticipation for them to HURRY UP and come play with him!

Here is just a cute short video I got of Dante and Erin one day walking home.. in like 40 degree weather.... still playing a game of "your only allowed to step on the lines" The video is a little shakey because I was inside and they were outside... but it is SO CUTE and a fun memory!

Well, since they were so used to walking to and from school and Ethan saw how much they loved it-- they were MORE then excited to start "walking" home to our new place here in California! They weren't scared one bit-- and it is about a mile from our house-- and you have to cross a really busy street at some point to get home. Which is the only part that scares me..... so we compromised, and their is this cute little park at the end of the hill from where their school is (probably about 1/2 a mile from the school)... and we meet there. It has been so nice- because they get a little fun snack and to let out LOTS of energy and I get to sit and listen to their laughter and read a book, or lay down and close my eyes and enjoy the breeze! Here are some pictures from yesterday!

Sitting and eating their yummy rice krispie treats!
The playground behind us! And the park is made out of sand! It's great:)
Dante hanging out in the woods! He loves to "explore"
Erin running away from the little boy playing MONSTER!
Ethan climbing to the highest point of the park that doesn't have a ladder to get to it. What is a ladder anyways, right??

And last but not least... but beautiful towel that got soaked with Snapple RIGHT
in the middle of the towel- so that I could only sit on the edge and enjoy my book! Something had to go wrong right?! What is a perfect afternoon anyhow??:) You only remember the things that make you laugh in the end-- i don't even think I can say-- Remember that one day that went absolutely PERFECT!! Not that I haven't had them... just because they aren't as interesting (or laughable) in the end!:)

And actually a video for all the people that miss my kids terribly in REAL life! You can't get any better acting then this in front of the camera!



Anonymous said...

WE miss you guys! Despite that, you look like you're loving it there!

Amy Breeden said...

So that basically made me cry! I miss you guys SO much! I can't wait to show that to Minnie tomorrow! She's going to LOVE it! I think that it is so cute that you meet them at the park! How great! You are really such a good mommy Bertie and I can't wait till we get together next because I want you to teach me all of these awsome skills you're gaining! Love you so much!

Amy Breeden said...

Do you get notified even if I post on something as old as this? I just wanted to let you know, that me and Minnie just watched that video for like the 300th time! It is so cute! And she CRACKS up at everthing that Ethan does. We are so excited for you guys to get here! She also talks about going to the beach house non stop!