Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why did they EVER get rid of Drive-Ins???

I love old pictures like these and wish it was still the "thing to do"

Do you remember ever going to the Drive - In??

I remember going a few times when I was younger- but my most memorable time was seeing:

Now that movie is OLD! Look at how young Keanu Reeves is!!

I just remember loving the atmosphere and how cool it was to either sit in your car or outside your car and watch a movie. You could bring your pillows and blankets and fall asleep in the back of your car while watching the movie too if you wanted.

Seemed like the drive-ins in and around Houston must have all shut down shortly after, because we didn't go too much after that.

So, when I went up to Provo for college- I was ecstatic to hear they had a drive-in close-- and that people actually WENT to it. Chet and I frequented it while dating.

Then I think that one closed too! Dang it.... after we were married and had kids --- taking them to the theater just really wasn't an option, because MOM "aka: me" would end up sitting out in the hall with them and not getting to see the movie- so we started to look up drive-in theaters again. When we lived in Sacramento, they had a pretty nice one about 20 min. away-- and luckily when we moved back to Utah, there was one about 45 min. away that we also would go to quite often. The kids would fall asleep in the car, and stay asleep on the way out there! There isn't much you can do with 3 kids - 3 and under when it comes to going out to the movies:)


When we moved to Houston--- well, we didn't find any that were close or any at all-- and so we never went. For FIVE years- we didn't go to a drive-in theater! Can you BELIEVE it!?

So, we were pretty happy when we came up to Mission Viejo and looked for a Drive-In and we found one-- it is about 50 min. away-- but worth the drive- especially since the kids can actually remember going now! Dante was cute, and said he was excited to go to a drive-in because he has never been to one-- and I was like, actually- you've been a LOT but- you just can't remember.

This time all of our kids will definitely REMEMBER going to the drive-in!

We packed the car with lots of food and goodies and pillows and blankets and headed to:

(yes it is that cute)

and for the low cost of just 14 bucks for the whole family we saw

and the double feature was

Yes, you don't get the Dolby Digital Sound Quality Surround Sound that you would get in a normal theater (that is 14 dollars per person here) but in exchange you get fun memories that the whole family can enjoy!! Because I guarantee you, your kids aren't going to say when they are older--- remember that one time we went to the movie theatre and saw.....?? But- the Drive-In is a WHOLE other story!

It was a fun night for everyone and the kids LOVED it and I won't be surprised if they ask us to go back soon:)

To find a drive-in theater near you... or not so near you... go to:

On their home page they also have lots of cool tips on how to make your experience fun for the whole family!:)


and if you have any old timey fun traditions... let me know- because it is always fun trying something new!