Monday, September 28, 2009

Spiritual Sunday

I missed the Relief Society broadcast this past Saturday and I went to to see if I could read the talks yet...... and instead I found this on the homepage which touched my heart. It is a short video with excerpts from President Monson. Family and friends really are the MOST important thing we have in this life... and we need to cherish those and let people know how we feel instead of just assuming.

Please ENJOY!

I was blessed growing up knowing exactly how my family felt about me and each other--- there has never been a doubt in my mind that we ALL love each other.... despite our shortcomings. I have the example of my AMAZING parents who have always loved each other and their daughters and SHOWED it... and because of that I know how to show love and not just feel it in my heart. People NEED to know, and even if they think they don't need to know... at least you know that you let them know how you feel!

And to all my family and friends reading this... I hope you know that I LOVE YOU! I cherish the time we have/had together and am SO grateful to have all of you in my life... my life has been made better because of YOU!

Time seems to get away from me EVERYDAY.... and every time I think about a family member or friend and how grateful I am... I think- oh- I'll write them a little note or e-mail later to let them know-- and before you know it a MONTH has gone by-- but when those promptings come in my mind I need to ACT on them, and just drop whatever I'm doing and call- or e-mail- send a Thank you note.. because chances are that person needs to know they are loved by SOMEONE at that point. So, here is to hoping that I can be a better daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend and whatever other name you can give me!

AND thank you for being YOU and for loving me too:)


Amy Breeden said...

And how we all love you! You are such a shining light of positivity and goodness in our lives Bertie! You really are such an indespensible member of our family! You are like a ray of fun and sunshine and even innocence in a way! We miss you every day...and all of the Rangers! Give them all my hugs and kisses okay? We've got to get our kids on the webcam soon!