Tuesday, September 15, 2009

YogurtLand = AWESOME! (and cheap too)

This place is AWESOME! I LOVE it! For all of you that know me - you know I'm a HUGE ice-cream fan, frozen yogurt I can live without... but THIS fro yo is GOOD!
(and it doesn't help that it is within walking distance from my front door)

Here is what you do. You walk in, grab a HUGE cup-- fill it up with as much or as little yogurt you want. You have a choice of many decadent flavors- you are not getting your normal just chocolate, vanilla or twist flavors here!

Then once you are satisfied with the flavor or flavors you have chosen and you have put them in your bowl.. you move onto the........

You can choose from fresh fruit, to mini m&m's, and other candy types, to cereal, sprinkles, you name it- they HAVE it. And if they don't they'll go to the store and buy it for you (ok, maybe that's not true) but a girl can dream:) And I LOVE toppings! You should see what my homemade banana splits look like!!!

Then when you are done loading your yogurt... you pay .30 an ounce! Our whole fam of five came to just under 10 bucks!! The next time we went though-- we did reach a grand total $11.50! (but that is NOT bad) I just think we didn't skimp realizing how good it was. :)

And last but not least


NO! I really mean it-- ENJOY and SAVOR EVERY BITE!!!

(i could eat mini m&m's on ice-cream ALL DAY!)

For more info. such as franchising information (since they don't have one in Houston yet) or just to see their awesome flavors... click HERE!

AND if you come and visit me here in Cali... I'll treat you there myself! I'm just cool like that;)

I'm WAITING!!! (hint: come running)


A Fancher said...

It's not nice to tease a pregnant woman with Yougurtland =) I am going to have to get you to try the pumpkin pie yogurt with gingersnaps and the candy cane with m&ms.

Chris and Sally said...

I just found a place like this in Sugar Land. It's in Town Center and it's called Swirl. It is a little bit more expensive, .43 an ounce but it is sooooooo good. Next time you come home for a visit, you will be happy to know you won't have to miss your yogurt. I am glad things are going well. Kate was just asking me last week why Erin isn't in her dance class anymore. If you had to move, at least it's to California.
Congrats on the baby as well! I am so happy for you!

M said...

I just found out a few months ago they built one here in Arizona about a half hour away from me. My friends and I take the drive just for Yogartland because it's delicious and so cheap! I love it! The most I've spent is like maybe $2.00.

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

Here that exact same set up, but it is called FROGURT! Love it!

Kelly said...

OK Since I have never met your kids I've never been able to say this before ... but, your daughter looks so much like the little Bertie I used to know. :) Brings back happy memories.