Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Erin!!

(Sept. 21, 2009)

I can hardly believe that you have grown up SO fast! Everyone told me this would happen to you and that it would happen in a blink of an eye.... but I didn't believe them- and now that you have been in our family for SEVEN years... I guess I can now pass on that "wisdom" to new moms!:)

I mean SEVEN! Are you serious??

We love you so much bear bear... and just to show you how much, here are SEVEN things we love about you!

1. We love that you are the sweet, innocent girl that you are!
2. We love how inquisitive you are and how much you LOVE school.
3. We love how you are willing to do whatever your brothers want you to, in hopes that they will play your
girly games later! :)
4. We love how you are such a big help to your mom and how you are going to be the best big SISTER to this little baby- especially since you kiss my belly every night before you go to bed!
5. We love how you still know how to rough house with the boys, but still be sweet and dainty and love
girly things too! You are a PERFECT blend:)
6. We love how you make us laugh with your silly antics.
7. We love you for BEING YOU!:)

And we look forward to seeing you grow even more, just slow it down a little;)

Mom and Dad

Here are some fun pictures from her Hannah Montana baking and decorating b-day party with 2 of her cute new friends from church!

Erin, patiently waiting for people to arrive.

Can't help but dig into the batter!

The table of festivities... as you notice the cupcakes are PLAIN... just wait til you see the REAL masterpiece!

Another view of the fun table! Erin asked for lots and lots of blow pops and I added in the kit kats and reeses pieces

The goodie bags (the big one was Erin's tutu)

Erin's cute little friends!

Working HARD at decorating their cupcakes.

Boys can get in on the fun too (decorating isn't just for girls anymore):)

Yes, even Chet was there to show them the cool things to do-- like SMASH their faces into their cupcakes afterwards and they will taste SO much better!

The beautiful finished products by ALL party goers! How much cuter is that cupcake stand NOW??!

Erin blowing out her Hannah Montana candle... she wanted just a "7" candle but I did one better!

The cute party group!

We are so lucky to have Chet work 30 seconds from our house-- so that he could come and enjoy the party too! The kids LOVE it... and I'm not going to lie, so do I:)

Erin with her FAVORITE mom! (I know... isn't that so sweet)

And last but not least-- my bragging rights to this awesome No sew tu-tu that I learned to make and MADE 2 days before her party. AND.... I chose the colors because I thought they looked cute together-- and they turned out to be Hannah Montana colors! How cool am I?? It went with the theme perfectly!

Happy SEVENTH birthday Erin and here is to many, MANY more!!


Amber Staub said...

That tutu is so cute. How did you make it? My girls would love one of those. Cute birthday party!