Thursday, September 10, 2009

All my kids have FLOWN the nest.....

(aren't they CUTE!)

Well, til' 2:05 that is:)

Here in the great state of Texas... I mean California-- school starts after Labor Day. So, the kids had an over extended VERY long summer and were super excited to get back to school! I mean- SUPER DUPER excited!! Ethan was MORE then ready and Erin and Dante were ready to start making new friends.

Dante started 3rd grade this year... and loves to make new friends- and he is happy to get to play handball EVERYDAY during recess (which they have quite a bit here- they even eat outside- because the weather is pretty much gorgeous 365 days out of the year:))Dante and Ethan were both down to the car early so I took some shots of just them to take up time. They so cute when they aren't fighting or making one another cry! Why can't they be like this ALL the time???

Erin started 1st grade. She is the oldest, OLDEST in her class, because all the other people who were born between Sept- Dec. of that same year are in 2nd grade, because the cut-off here is in Dec. vs. August. But she still loves first grade and wouldn't change a thing. She can't wait to start learning new stuff because right now they are just reviewing what they learned in Kindergarten- like her answer to my question: "What did you do today in class?" "We counted to THIRTY!!! So easy, PEASY! We could have at LEAST counted to 100!"

The days of loving to count and count and count! I remember that-- I could count to 1 MILLION everyday and feel SO proud of myself:) And would count for anyone who would listen-- I love how much children are so much a like.
Then there is my NEW kindergartner. Yes, he is into throwing symbols anytime I try to take his picture pretty much-- or giving some kind of face. He is a funny little dude who still LOVES to pick his nose! He just looks so grown up I can't take it. At this school they have all the parents of new kindergarten students come up for the first hour and a bit to do a craft with the kids and give them a good easy send off.. when I told Ethan that -- and then asked, "Aren't you SO excited I get to come with you for a little bit?" His reply was, "Awwww MOM! I can go by myself!"

That whole morning- whenever I looked at him, he would try to slip and hide behind someone else- it was pretty funny. My independent children-- how I actually don't really miss the days that you would cry and cry and cling to me and claw at me whenever I tried to leave you somewhere-- the gym, nursery, wherever-- I'm SO glad you are past that stage;) I love seeing their independence and seeing them blossom and grow!

The schools here are a little bit different then the ones in TX. The hours especially are different- in TX they go from 8-3 everyday- and here on Mon, Tue, Thur. Fri they go from 7:45 - 2:05 and every Wed. is early dismissal and they go from 7:45-12:50. (that will be my biggest challenge- remembering THAT!) Hopefully I won't forget them:)

Also, gone are the days of living across the street and shoving my kids out the door at 7:30 and not having to leave to go pick them up at 3:00... however this school traffic really isn't near as bad as Commonwealths- which has been nice. I'll miss them walking to school- and would have them ride their bikes- but it is straight up hill for 3 quarters of a mile- and I'm pretty sure Ethan would die on the way home riding his bike down the hill because he would NOT exercise ANY caution (and it literally is a STRAIGHT up hill) like San Fran type hill-- it is GREAT for exercise for me though:)

I am training them to walk all the way down the hill to meet at a cute little park after school so they can get energy out before having to do homework or whatever. Each day I'm parking further and further down the hill til' they find me-- and before we know it- they will be walking to the park:) Today they were really cute- Erin and Ethan were holding hands in front and Dante was walking behind them just watching over them-- I wish I had my camera. It was like an Easter Egg hunt-- as soon as they saw my car- they were like, "There she is! I FOUND Mom!!"

It is nice having my days to myself-- but they still seem to just slip by me. But then again- this is only day 3 and really 2 1/2 because yesterday was Wed. (early dismissal)

Well, I'm off to bake some promised chocolate chip cookies!!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about our new family favorite yogurt place-- DELICIOUS! I love finding the joys of Southern California.


Amy Breeden said...

Those are some CUTE kids! Your boys look so handsome! And Erin is so gorgeous! Minnie is in bed, but I can't wait to show her these pictures tomorrow! She'll love them. I'm so glad that you blog! Love you!