Saturday, September 12, 2009

Look at ME... pretending to be Bakerella!

I LOVE BAKERELLA!! If you have never tried any of her yummy treats or haven't been to her site -- GO NOW!! Click here!

Tonight is our ward party-- and because our last name starts with an R- we are in charge of bringing a dessert. I decided to go all out-- and make THESE!

Seriously- what a GENIUS idea! Cookies dough clumps-- INSIDE brownies! Helloooo?? Why did I not come up with this before?? All it is missing is some yummy homemade vanilla ice cream. I even was "bakerella" enough to make her home made ganache-- which was a first for me. We'll see if it is a hit. Doesn't it LOOK so yummy though? I'm waiting for the ganache to set before I dig in for a "taste" test. I'll keep you posted. But in the mean time- if you want to make some yourself- go here for the AMAZING recipe!

And be jealous that we are having our ward party at the beach! A bar-b-que on the San Clemente pier. We are due to leave any MINUTE-- I'm just waiting for Chester to get back from some errands. I will not forget my camera- so you can live vicariously through us living in Southern California.
Unlike I did last night- when we went to the Irvine Spectrum Center-- and I was so cool that I thought I had put my camera back in my purse after blogging yesterday (because I'm on a roll) but I didn't (because I couldn't find it when I looked really, really hard.) We rode the Ferris Wheel and all! The kids loved it-- and on our walk back to the car... I was fumbling around for my keys- and what do I find?? MY CAMERA!!!! I was so ticked-- but this time I will find it no matter what! :)

Look forward to it-- until then I'm going to be pregnant body surfing;)

ps. who is impressed with my 4 posts in 3 days back to blogging posts?? Yeah, that's right I'm BACK BABY!!!