Monday, September 28, 2009

25 weeks!!

This was taken on Sunday- my 25 week mark! I can still hardly believe that it has been TWENTY FIVE weeks! This is the fastest pregnancy ever... and of course I'm saying that now... not in a month from now;)

I've really been able to sit back and enjoy this pregnancy. I really enjoyed my first-- but my 2nd and third pregnancies seemed to go on FOREVER because I always had some kid that I had to pick up on a constant basis and when they are throwing a tantrum and kicking and they are constantly kicking your stomach... it really isn't as enjoyable when they aren't!

It is also really fun, because this is the first pregnancy where the kids can actually enjoy it too. Before they were all too young to know what was happening or understand. But now- it is all they TALK about.... they love telling people (still) and they love rubbing my tummy and kissing it.. they are THRILLED! It has been a lot of fun watching them LOVE on this baby!

We still do not know what we are having yet... we will know Nov. 3rd! And if not-- then we will just have to be surprised like we were with Dante.

In other news... I'm beginning to update my other blogs-- I updated my fitness one today, and I'm going to try to update my happiness one tomorrow... or tonight? We'll see- but if you were a reader before- get ready to be a reader again!!:)