Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy bithday to the one and only... MY MOM!..and Minniekins

Today (April 21st) is my mom's b-day! Last year Minnie decided to come into this world and share Grandma's birthday date! We went to Benihana's to celebrate (which we have done every year, for everyone's b-day since we were tykes) The food was amazing as always and the best company in town! :) My mom is the best mom in the world- and don't you love mom's- because we all think that about our own. She has raised 6 girls .... and let me tell you- 6 girls in the same house- all PMS'ing at the same time is NOT easy! I credit everything to her that I'm good at domestically. She is a great example and loves so unconditionally. She has always been there for me when I need her. She is good at seeing a need and filling it- and she will take my kids anytime, any place, anywhere if she feels like I need a little break. My kids adore her and always want to be at Grandma's house:) And so do I! I love you Mom! (Minnie is pretty great too:)) P.S - my mom is one of the best lunch dates around!!

Here is Minnie and Erin in their matching dresses for the night (Thank's to Sam's club!)

Chet and the gang! My kids love their daddy!! When ever he gets home from work it is always DADDY'S HOME! DADDY'S HOME!!! -- tonight it was DADDY'S HERE! DADDY'S HERE!! Since Chet met us at the restaurant after work.



Mom of 2 Cuties said...

first--I love your mom! She is and always will be my second mommy. She is a great listener and I don't think I have ever heard her say an ill thing about anybody.

Second--Minnie is stinkin cute! And again you need to DEMAND that Amy get a blog bc I need to see more pics of that cutie.

Third--I love Chet too, will he be my daddy??

Monica said...

I agree, Bertie - you have one of the best moms in the entire world! I want to be just like her. :) And that Minnie is dang cute!! Happy Birthday to two very special girls!

Michelle said...

Oh how I love your momma! Happy birthday to her!

Katie said...

Your mom could easily be one of the bestest mom's ever! I love her like my own... Tell her happy birthday from us!

Christie said...

Yo' mamma rocks it!

Bette said...

wonderful blog, beautiful kids, and love the music!!