Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I feel SO special! You have NO idea!

I cannot tell you the overwhelming response I have received due to my "broken ankle" I have had people tell me all sorts of things that crossed their minds while they were reading my post- like bringing me dinner, watching my kids, bringing me a wheelchair, giving me a massage, bringing me ice-cream, writing me a get well card, etc.... and NOW I know I can get ALL this by simply breaking my ankle:) WOW! I really do feel special- and well taken care of, even though it was a simple April Fools joke. I guess when they say- "It is the thought that really counts" that it isn't just a cheesy saying- that I really did feel a warm feeling in my bosom from reading the comments and getting phone calls- So thanks ya'll!

And - I wonder if it really DID happen- if those were just thoughts and then never acted on- would the thought count then?? Or does the thought only count when it doesn't really matter- because it really isn't your b-day or Christmas, or I'm not really sick, etc... hmmmm.... wonders for the wise!

ps- i really do hope to be back up to my normal blogging soon- the roller skating pictures are DYING to come out....

oh and pps- for those of you who were curious about the ankle- I googled "broken ankle" and searched images- and that was pretty much the only ladies ankle I found. The rest were hairy manly legs- that I don't think I could have gotten away with.


Jenn W said...

You're the inspiration for my joke. You really had me going on your ankle too. How creative are you? Getting pictures and everything!!

Sam & Alisha Oldroyd said...

Hey Bertie! Thanks for your comment on my blog. We are really excited about having twins! Life will be crazy, that's for sure! Your kids are so big & so cute. You're looking great. Good to hear from you!