Friday, April 4, 2008

Roller skatin' at the carwash...

Is that a song or do I have it wrong? I guess I'll google it later when I have a meaningless minute to spare. In the mean time I will entertain you all with our delightful night of roller skating with the kids for the first time EVER!!

For Christmas we got Dante roller blades and Erin roller skates, and we finally took them to an actual roller rink about a month ago - AND like 5 months since we got them their skates- GO US!

Anyhow- it was a lot of fun- here are TOO many pictures for your enjoyment. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the captions!
Ethan in roller skates for the 1st time! Trying to get up.

Erin proudly dawning her skates (even though she was mad we forgot her princess skates she got for Christmas)

Mom- LOOK! I'm almost up!

Dante proudly showing off his cool roller blades- that he did not get in Paris!

Ooopppsss.... I'm down again. Dang it!

Erin makes it out onto the rink- and is excited to get to skatin'!

Yeah- Ethan is finally up- with Chet's help of course, but I'm not sure how much he is liking it

Dante is out on the rink. YEAH!!

Ethan not happy about dad dislocating his arm.

Mom - look NO wall!
Man!! I'm down AGAIN!

If you look closely (or enlarge the picture) you will see Ethan on the floor towards the back, near the dj booth.

Chet trying hard to get Ethan to go back out on the rink with him after only 5 min. of skating...
Ethan gets his way- and is taking his skates off- all the while MOM is laughing hysterically behind the camera at all of this!

Erin looking pretty for the camera and having lots of fun!

Dante rockin' it on the skating floor.

AND we have Erin down!

Ethan and Erin going to take a break.

Ethan and Erin waiting so nicely on the bench... hoping to NEVER go back out on the floor (well Ethan at least is wishing that)

MOM- I'm silly!

Dante's last smile of the night. He now wants to go play video games and we have no coins on us-too bad so sad.

Chet gettin' his speed on.. and showing off!

Props to the man of my dreams ... every time I see him skate I get chills.

Erin looks HOT! I love the after rollerskating hair.

Dante claims he is done and he is going to sit over at the games just wishing he was playing.

I was dying over his tantrum- because every once in a while I'd catch him doing a "hmpppphhh" and then folding his arms. I was laughing and i was trying so hard to catch a picture of him doing that- but he would always notice and then come run after me- because he didn't want me to take a picture of him-- here he is in one of his classic runs!

Ethan debating on going out again--- nope- not this time!

However Dante does go out again- and puts his blades back on.. and lives happily ever after, until he falls and then I see this on Ethan's face...

HAHAHA Mom- Dante fell!!

Oh, the joys of rollerskating, ice-skating- anything on wheels or blades where you can watch kids fall - will last me a laugh for a lifetime! It is truly hilarious-- the arms flailing, the priceless look on their face while they try so hard to catch them selves, then they finally think they have caught themselves-- and you see a smile of accomplishment start to spread across their face- just before you see both legs fly up into the air as they come crashing down!! Gotta love it- because we ALL learn that way:)


Amber Staub said...

That looks like so much fun. I wonder if my girls are too little to try it out? I loved rollerskating when I was younger. I wonder if it's like riding a bike-once you learn you always know how.

Monica said...

Love all the pics and stories, Bertie! What a blast!

Jenn W said...

How funny!! I love your kids' reactions. Did you get out there and show off your moves?

Morgan said...

One of my favorite memories is all of us at the galleria laughing at little kids falling when ice skating. I can still picture you pointing and laughing in my head!

Andrea said...

That brings back fond memories of Junior high (one of my favorite hang-outs:)
Looks like fun, despite the frustrated kids.
By the way, you really have the best attitude with Mommyhood. You're so positive!

Sonja said...

Bertie! Your kids are so beautiful! And it looks like they take the falls so cheerfully. Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

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