Thursday, April 10, 2008

What is this??

Ok- so I'm over the whole it is supposed to storm and it doesn't thing. Today was one of those days- and who knows- it may storm tonight... but at this point I'm peeved at Dante's school. SERIOUSLY! And if anyone else has had issues with this- please LET ME KNOW!

Today has been cloudy on and off and a few drizzles here and there, but nothing major and NOTHING enough to have to physically go and pick Dante up from school, because it is raining so hard that they won't send him home on his scooter.

Well, apparently I have it ALL wrong. They won't send him home on his scooter, or any other child..... if there is moisture in the air. I'm talking droplets that hit you every 30 seconds and that dry off of you immediately. After his normal time he gets home- I looked out the window and saw no kids coming down the street and was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! I just put Erin and Ethan in the bath- and I'm NOT getting them out to walk and go get Dante. So- they stayed in the bath. I figured an almost 4 year old and 5 1/2 year old would be safe. I'd only be gone 10 min. tops.

I get to the school- honestly still expecting to see Dante riding around the corner on his scooter at ANY minute- but nope. ALL the teachers in the drive line had umbrellas, ALL the parents had umbrellas- and this whole time I'm like- WHAT IS THIS??? Are you serious??? If the crossing guards don't have umbrellas and they are out there from 3:00 to 3:15 or so-- don't you THINK if it was raining that they would have umbrellas?? Yes - they were wearing ponchos- but they had their head things off! So- it wasn't raining!!

The picture at the top is of when I walked outside to go get Dante because it is "raining". So you tell me- is it raining?? Do I have a reason to be just a little bit peeved?? I mean- I walked a whole 5 min. there and a whole 5 min. back in the "RAIN" for goodness sakes. And heaven forbid WITHOUT an umbrella! And guess what --- I didn't even GET wet! That is what really makes me mad- if it were truly raining--- FINE... but not for this- don't disturb me from my deep slumber to walk 5 min--- just to pick up my child when it was NOT raining... seriously- EVERYONE that had an umbrella got a "here's your sign" from me!:)

If I wanted to pick my child up from school- when it was NOT raining- then I wouldn't have him riding his scooter to and fro and I wouldn't have bought the house across the street from the school. Thank you very much!

Other then that- my day has gone great! What about you?


Michelle said...

I'm with you all the way! I'd be ticked!

herofanfamily said...

That sucks! Shouldn't it be the parents choice, whether or not your kid can walk in the rain or not. I'm glad they don't do that here. We live 1 block from the school, which I love so that I don't have to take them or go get them. Thats what umbrellas and jackets are for, if it actually is raining.

Lindsey said...

That is too funny! I'd be bugged to if I were you!

Kaylynne said...

You are my hero. I always want to leave Aaron in bed when he is napping and I have to pick Robert up from school and it will only take 5 min. I am to scared that my house will spontaneously catch on fire.

PS - I used to have to walk home from elementary school in the rain and I lived much more then 5 min from school.

Anonymous said...

We only lived 2 blocks from the elementary school when I was a kid and I always wanted to walk home in the rain. I had a neat little clear-plastic dome umbrella to use. But when it rained, my mom always picked us up, so I never got to.

If those are actual pictures of the rain, how come the ground isn't even wet? Is this special rain that only falls on kids on scooters and nowhere else? And if the local definition of "rain" is "moisture in the air," I'm surprised you don't have to pick him up every day. Oooh snap!