Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Contest --- Contest---- I said CONTEST!

Yes, that is right! I'm holding a contest to help broadcast my new company by "word of mouth" or word of blog" or whatever way you want to broadcast me! :) Here are the rules:

1. You must mention my new site on your own blog, or facebook, or wherever your little heart desires. You will get 1 entry per location you mention my new company. So, if you are on a lot of forums or networking websites- then the more entries you will get for doing a "word of mouth" advertising for me.

2. You must then e-mail me at and then give me links to all the places you have advertised me, so that I can check it out.. and give you the correct amount of entries you deserve!

3. If you sign up- then I will give you 5 extra entries.

4. If a friend of yours signs up due to your linking me, then you will also get 5 extra entries into my drawing. (so make sure in your "advertising" you tell them to mention you if they buy jean insurance)

5. The prize: 75 DOLLARS TOWARDS A PAIR OF JEANS... (or you can just take the cash and run)

The contest starts NOW and the drawing will take place on May 1st! This will give everyone an opportunity to see this post, and to have an opportunity to act on it.

Also- if I don't know you- you are still more then welcome to join in the contest.... if you heard about the from one of your friends, and you would also like to be entered in this contest- just follow the above requirements and you are in:)



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