Thursday, April 17, 2008

April showers bring May flowers... we hope!

Last summer my mom had a great idea about having a "kids" garden in our back yard. So, this summer we are keeping up the tradition. Today Erin and my mom went to go pick out flowers and tomorrow morning we will take out the old, turn the soil and plant the new! Let's hope for a prettier garden this year... last year it didn't get watered that much... maybe because it was the "kids" garden I didn't feel like it was my responsibility to water it... so- maybe that is why I haven't let my kids experiment with pets yet-- because I would feel like it wasn't my responsibility to feed the pet-- and then we would have lots of dead animals on our hands-- better a dead flower then dead animal:) This year- is looking a littler brighter- apparently as a parent YOU STILL have a responsibility to teach your kids how to take responsibility- instead of just seeing what they do. Oooooopppppssss! I'm still learning:)

Here is Ethan with his proud shovel and wagon full of flowers to be planted.

Is this not the perfect size broom for a child!? I'm ALL about child labor-- and this so happened on accident. This is an adult broom- but one day I was sweeping outside and it just snapped in 2. I wish I could say it was the weights- but it was really just the rust. Anyhow- I kept it because it makes for a perfect kids broom! The other half was quickly thrown away when I found Ethan using it as a Power Rangers weapon (which will be a post of it's own one day!)

Erin and Dante were unavailable for photos as Dante was at the library with Chet doing his homework and Erin was having dinner at my moms with her old favorite babysitter (who is in town for the weekend)

Ps- the contest is still going on:)


Rhonda said...

I hope your garden turns out this year! Keep us updated!