Thursday, April 10, 2008

And we are back to our regular blogging....

FINALLY!!:) It seems for a while there I was blogging something everyday- and I have been off a little - I mean ELEVEN posts in MARCH!! Hellooo?? What is wrong with me? I guess it helps now that my camera is working again- it is AMAZING what a new pair of energizer batteries can do for you- they keep going and going and going and going... and you get the idea.

So- Dante seems to get left our of my blog quite a bit because he is always at school when my camera is working. This morning though- I was able to take some shots of him in his "cool" butterfly t-shirt.

Today is Dante's 1st grade field trip and they are going to the Natural Science Museum and to the Cockrell Butterfly Center. (and they all made butterfly t-shirts to match... AWWWW!)

When he came out with his butterfly t-shirt on. I was like- WOW- COOL SHIRT!! To which he replied... MOM! It isn't cool, but we HAVE to wear it. Ok- well- let's take some pics anyway:)

1st one when I asked him to smile!

2nd one when I asked him to pose- YES- THIS is HIS pose of choice (sometimes it is one hand on the hip and one hand behind the head):)!

This is mommy's pose of choice- and him showing you his manly muscles.

And lastly I told him to do the thumbs up to show EVERYONE how cool his shirt was (to which he again said- MOM! It isn't cool- it has butterflies on it! I'm a boy- and I have to wear it- and he says this while laughing) Then he gives me the thumbs up- stands on one leg (even though you can't really tell he is in the picture because i cut off his foot) and SNAP... now you have some pics of Big D to tide you over:)

Ps.... he is now my audio version of a grocery list. This morning after he brushes his teeth- he lets me know. Mom- you need to get more tooth paste the next time you go to the store. Then while I was packing his lunch I asked him- if he wanted pretzels or gold fish- because all our chips are gone. To which he replies... Goldfish- and don't forget the next time you go to the grocery store you need to get toothpaste AND chips now.

Gotta love it!