Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pretty perfect day!

Friday just somehow magically turned out perfect. These kind of days are far and few between- but when I do have them, I sure enjoy every minute:) I knew it was going to be such a perfect day- that I captured most of it- for you all to be jealous! LOL!

Clean house- the WHOLE house was clean- and it always makes me feel so much better when I leave and everything is clean- and I have a clean house to come home to.

House clean- so we go on a walk to Grandmas (which is only a little over a quarter mile away)
Notice- I only have Ethan- Dante is at school and we are going to pick up Erin from Grandmas. She spent the night because Aunt Elise was in town.

The wonderful suburbia lake we get to pass every time we walk to Grandmas.:)
As soon as we are in eye shot of Grandma's house- all the kids go running! Hers is the one dead ahead!

We are here and we see Aunt Elise and Erin and Minnie in the FAR background and my Mom's beautiful pool!

We swing for a little because it is soooo beautiful outside. Erin with Elise.
My moms new backyard behind her garage. Isn't it beautiful! I think I will spend many a lazy summer afternoons reading out here while my kids enjoy the pool:)

And after a lovely time at Grandma's visiting we make our way back home!

(this outing would have been more perfect with Chet and Dante- but hey-- you don't always get what you want:))


That night- my parents gave me 2 tickets to The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
It was a cute play for the most part. Lots of laughs- but some inappropriate parts- that it would have been just as cute without. Since Chet was out of town- I got to invite someone- and I chose my good friend Shanna. We all had so much fun together (as my whole family went too- they have 8 seasons tickets). While we were there- the one and only George Bush Sr. walked in with his cute wife (and all their secret service) It was really neat!

After the play we all went to Maggie Moo's to get some ice cream- because if you are a Young- you can't go out without stopping somewhere to get ice-cream on the way back. Anyone who is with us- gets roped in and NO is not an option:)

It was so much fun- and I can't wait to do it ALL again!


herofanfamily said...

Luv all the pics of your kids. How cute are they. Keep them coming, by the way I love reading your blog. You always have fun things to say, and I'm jealous of your warm weather and mom's pool to go visit!! Take-care