Saturday, April 12, 2008

What a trip to the beach is like

The kids and I were so lucky to get to go down to Christies "beach house" again this weekend. Chet is out of town again for training... so I thought I would take advantage and get some good beach time:) Here is how our trip to the beach went....

The kids ALWAYS ask, "Can we ride in the back of Christie's truck?" Like a million times- and no matter what you say they ask again- even if you say yes, they ask again because they are used to getting a no- and then they are like "really?":) So, whenever we go a short distance in her truck- they get to ride in the back with me! They love it!!

Since Christie lives 1 block away from the sea wall, we just parked on the seawall and grabbed all our stuff and walked down to the beach. This is the view from the sea wall while I'm walking. One of the many fishing piers in Galveston along with the jetty.

After swimming our favorite thing to do is lay our towels out and picnic or layout - Erin likes to follow me in whatever I'm doing:) The boys prefer to eat. I LOVE soaking up the sun! I could do it all day long for thousands of days and not get tired of it:)

Here is a game Dante and Ethan made up - as they kept picking up sand stuck together... they would throw it at the other and go SAAAAND BAAAALLLLL!!! I guess this is what happens when your kids are deprived of snow?? They had a blast though!

Here is Erin "trying" to stay out of the SAAAANND BALLLLLLL fight.... and crawling her way to safety. I'm not sure it worked to well.

We had sooooo much fun and we will be going back very soon again. Summer is almost here! I love Spring and I love Fall and Winter- but OH HOW I LOVE THE SUMMER!! (yes, even in Texas) - I guess that means I grew up here huh?? Yep- I'm a true Texan:)

PS- thanks for all the replies to my weight lifting post-- I will definitely do a "How to get flat Abs" post soon- because ANYONE can do it!! Maybe I'll even do like a fit tip a week! The possibilities are endless with this one... let me know what you want and I'll give it to you......(don't take that the wrong way- I know there are some of you out there and I'm not mentioning names- just turkey bones!):)