Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another tooth for the record

Ms. Erin has lost her like 17th tooth. It is crazy- I swear she loses them daily. Maybe it is because the instant they are loose- she tries as hard as she can to pull it out... and keeps on doing that daily til' she succeeds. I think the process has been highly sped up due to her bravery in pulling her own teeth out. You can see in the picture she is now missing 3 teeth completely and 2 are still in the process of coming in.

Funny story- I thought Erin had a weak stomach because every time she sees someone throw-up, she will then follow suit... and it makes me laugh every time- because it is so involuntary, and she just looks so funny! Same thing with a really smelly diaper- she will just throw up on the spot more often then not. But extracting her own teeth, with blood and the sound of it to boot--- SHE HAS NO PROBLEM!

PS- I am working on a post about the ugliest dolls ever- Erin has like 60 of them, I would love to have you send me your "ugly doll" pictures to and I will post the ones I think are the ugliest! Let's do this in the spirit of Halloween!!


Shemnon said...

How funny! I thought I was the only one who did that... I don't know about your Erin, but I was facinated that I could get a quarter for each tooth that I pulled out. So out they came! and I was a few cents richer. :)