Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What KIND of excuse is that???


OK... so the above stuffed dog has been a problem recently in our house hold. Note: ONE dog vs. THREE kids (luckily Ethan was already asleep that night). I didn't even BUY this dog- it was given to my kids by one of the neighbor kids who has outgrown it.

Here is how the night went.... Erin and Dante are both screaming that it is there turn to sleep with the dog. We have 1 MILLION stuffed dogs that they can both choose from! I try to coax one of them to give in, but neither of them would have it, so the fighting continued. I then walked in with a pair of scissors (trying to be wise like King Solomon) and said- ok- I will cut the dog in half, right down the middle, and you can each have 1/2 of the dog to sleep with. Both of them immediately erupt into tears... NOOOO! MOM!! Please don't cut the dog in half. I then asked who was going to be nice enough to give in, so that I didn't have to resort to cutting the dog in half-- and I also reassured them whoever gave in tonight could sleep with the dog the following night. Finally, I ended up sleeping with the dog and Erin and Dante chose different dogs to sleep with... I asked them WHY they were so crazy about that dog- and had to have THAT particular dog. Dante claims that the dog reminds them of Dixie (who died over a year ago) and that they miss her. OK- That is a load of BULL!

FIRST: The dog doesn't EVEN look like Dixie- Dixie was a red hair mini daschund and since then 2 have replaced her that we see daily at Grandma's.
SECOND: You are missing her JUST now?? It has been over a year- and you are JUST now fighting over this dog (it has been about 2 weeks now since they have been fighting over this dog- and they have had her for a while)

So, what kind of excuse is that to fight over the dog.. to which I replied- Do you think Dixie would really want you to fight over a dog that doesn't even look like her?? I think that would make Dixie sad! (so we will see if that sticks tonight)
Next up-- Ethan LOVES his tinker toys! He loves putting them together, he loves seeing how far he can throw them, he loves picking his nose with them... and now- he has a NEW use for his tinker toys.

The other day he was sitting next to me playing with his tinker toys and he is holding one of the longer sticks and attaches one of the "round" wheels to it, and then proceeds to hit me in the middle of my forehead with it. SERIOUSLY?? (It hurt too!) I said, "Ethan! That hurt- why did you just hit me with that?" and do you REALLY want to know his excuse?? Here is what Ethan had to say:

"Well, MOM, there was a mosquito on your FOREHEAD!!"

Oh, OH!! Well, in that case- keep that handy sucker around- so that if it happens again, you can wap me or anyone else for that matter and give them a HUGE bruise instead of having the blood sucked out of them from a mosquito.

It is like they just pull these excuses out of no where- that don't make any sense- and NO - I did not have a mosquito on my forehead. Do they really think that I'm supposed to just buy into their nonsense excuses? LOL!


What are some of the "out of no where excuses" you have heard from your funny children? :)


Jacalyn said...

I love your blog! Your kids are freaking hilarious!! :)

And I stole the 52 books idea from you, actually. Way back in January, I remember you saying something about it and I thought it'd be cool to try :)

My favorite book so far is Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, but How To Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable is also very good :) I need to get a "bookshelf" onto our blog so you can see what I've read so far