Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ethan's first day of Pre school on the actual 20th day!

With all the holidays and early dismissals and then the 6 days of no school due to the Hurricane, it seems as through school has just started and this week is the 1st actual week of school- so it only seems appropriate that I post this now- since Ethan only goes on Wed. and Fridays. He started school and LOVES it! In fact, it is as if he still cries every time Dante and Erin leave for school, and he doesn't get to go. (That's a good thing right?)

Here are a bunch of different photos from our morning photo op.

This one is my favorite because he is in the middle of smiling but also yelling "Come on MOM- let's go ALREADY!" But he couldn't break the "smile". I can't believe he is 4- and I h ave 2 days ALL to myself. It is great:)

On a funny note about Ethan- he has many nicknames- Beefycakes, Ephers, Phinners-- but my personal favorite (dubbed by Erin and Rechelle) PeeMan!

A couple Saturday's ago- during Dante's soccer game, Erin, Rechelle and Isaac were all playing at the nearby playground. I walk over there to make sure everyone is still doing well-- and Rechelle is getting a drink from the drinking fountain. I ask her if she needs help and then she proceeds to tell me that Ethan peed at the park. I was like "Are you kidding me?" There are probably 50 kids playing at this park- with 50 parents watching there kids at the park- and I'm imagining Ethan pulling down his swim trunks (because in October that is still all he will wear) and peeing in the grass next to the playground. I was thinking- "Great- what were all the parents thinking- when this child's parent didn't stop him immediately (because I didn't see him).

Ethan then comes up to me and I pick him up- and I asked him if he peed on the playground. He doesn't deny it- and says, "Yes Mom- but it is all dry now." I was like- Ethan-- YOU do NOT pee EVER in front of ANYONE-- You go to the actual BATHROOM! Then he was like- "I didn't pull down my pants." to which I immediately dropped him from my hip- and was like, "You peed IN your swimsuit? and NOW it is dry- but I'm holding you??" GROSS! And of course I reprimanded him again- saying- YOU are potty trained- GO to the restroom next time- and then he sat with me for the rest of the game, vs. being able to play on the playground.

He also started crying at one point and I was like- why are you crying? What happened- and he was like Rechelle and Erin called me "PeeMan" to which I started laughing because you have got to love the "nicknames" that are true!

I have to admit I was relieved that he didn't pull down his pants and pee in front of everyone... but I still wasn't happy of the fact that he peed in his pants- "but it is ok, because it dried Mom" scheme. And it was not on any of the equipment- which is a good thing too!

Seriously- if he was not SO darn cute-- I just don't know:) And I hope his preschool teachers never have to experience him doing that.


Mrs. B said...

PeeMan...that is seriously funny!

Alisha said...

That's one for the books!

Amber Staub said...

That's funny those two little girls came up with a nickname for him. I guess that's what older siblings are there for.