Monday, October 13, 2008

Matching owies??

The other day I noticed Ethan has a scab under his chin. I had not seen it there before- and I asked him "Ethan, what happened to your chin?" to which he very excitedly replies.............

"Mom, it is the SAME thing that happened on YOUR chin."At that point Aunt Christie looked at me, and said "No, Ethan, that's a pimple." Nice! and forgive the fly aways... I was out the door to the gym:)

PS- Keep those ugly doll pictures coming! There will be a sweet surprise for the winner- maybe a homemade Halloween costume because I sew SO well.... (actually it would be my first piece ever sewn- which would mean it would be a classic, so double bonus there!) but seriously- we'll see!


Anonymous said...

You look way too good to be going to the gym!! Love Angie

spenceandcass said...

LOL. That's a funny story.