Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dante... say WHAT?!?!

Bright and early this morning at 6:45 I go in to wake up Dante.... but he is already awake and quietly jumping up and down on his bed. It was a funny site to see.... like he couldn't wait for someone else in the house to be awake and he was bored.
I got the funny idea to excitedly (in a quiet voice) shout "There is no school today! YEAH!!" to which he stops jumping and I start laughing. He says, "What?!" and I say- "No, I'm just kidding- you have school today, YEAH!" and he is like... "Mom, why did you just say that?" (saying this in his slightly your weird mom voice) I replied, "Because I thought it would be funny." Dante then looks at me, with a little hint of a smile and in ALL seriousness tells me how it really is!

"Mom, THAT wasn't really funny!" to which he then lets out a cackle.... and I then said, "Whatever!" I'm so funny!"-- to which he then reconfirms his statement, "No, mom- that really wasn't funny." AND he is still laughing at me like I'm just the "weird" parent who makes jokes and laughs at herself- (which, I'll admit- is true most of the time) LOL!

Then he asks- why I was up so early- did Ethan come and get in my bed in the middle of the night and pee in it? And I was like- No, actually, it really is time to get up and ready for school.

Seriously- Nothing gets by Dante- at the ripe age of 7 and almost 8, he already knows me and Chet too well. He is one smart kiddo! (And yes- it is true- he gets that from Chester!:)

So, what do ya'll think- am I funny or am I FUNNY?!i


Susie said...

You are funny!! That is something I would have totally done.

Thanks for stopping by my tackle feature and leaving such sweet comments.

Jill Hunt said...

You are funny and like the funnest mom ever!

Melynda said...

You're a funny girl! I love that Dante, too.