Friday, October 17, 2008

I've discovered....

(Well, big hair for my usually flat hair)

Courtesy of the: Triple Barrel Curling Iron

What do you think?

Also, tonight we will be taking the kids to Cougars Under the Stars, which is a school function, where you get to sit on a big blanket, on a big field, watching

on a REALLY, REALLY big screen.

I'm excited, because the weather is actually going to be cool tonight, and feel like fall. And Chet is off work tonight, so he will be coming too. YEAH!!

I'll post pics tomorrow of the grand event.

Until then, wish my "big hair" luck and hope that it actually stays, instead of falling flat again in 2 seconds like it normally does.

And do me a favor-- have fun tonight NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON!:)

( ps- I love it when I hit the spell checker button and it tells me that there have been no misspellings found... it puts a smile on my face... I don't know why? Maybe because I need to feel smart sometimes:) )


Anonymous said...

The hair is really, really, cute.

But you are in Texas. Don't you have a lot of really, really, REALLY big hair to compete with?

Make sure to take lots of pics with Chet in them tonight so I can believe he really still exists.

Have fun!

Melynda said...

Your hair looks great! It always does!

Katie said...

luv it!

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

I like the hair, it looks great. I love the color.

Dave and Jana said...

I like your hair like that! I love my 3 barrel curling iron. I just don't take the time to do it!

Alysha said...

Your hair looks great Bertie! I have give up on doing anything with mine. Wake up, wash, into the ponytail...and yet my hubby thinks I look good. He's either dillusional or incredibly sweet...haha.

(This is Utah Peach, by the way)

Morgan said...

You are rockin the big hair!! WORK IT!