Friday, October 3, 2008

I have been Phantomed......

It was a joy to wake up on Wed. morning and to my surprise, after kissing Dante and Erin farewell and wishing them a great day at school and opening the door to send them on their way... I found a delicious plate of cookies and brownies galore! I mean DELICIOUS Halloween treats. I promised my kids I would save them for their after school snack and by some miracle - I was able to stave off eating them all myself.

The Phantom came to MY house and I was overjoyed! I would now like to publicly THANK my phantom. I'm not exactly sure who you are, or even if you read my blog-- but maybe if you don't, someone you know does and you'll get the thanks deserved.

Dante would also like to ask you for the recipe of the yummy pumpkin face sugar cookies with icing. According to him, he would like to have them EVERY NIGHT for dinner and I couldn't agree more:) So, if you could kindly leave, so anonymously, in an envelope to me the scrumptious recipe- it would be much appreciated.

As much as I appreciated the treats-- I was a little disturbed by something in the letter left to me and what I was supposed to pass on. I'm ok with being the "phantom" to 2 other households, I'm also ok with doing it sneakily.... even though it is very hard for me to keep a secret like that.

What I have a slight problem with, is leaving my own phantom out so that I don't get hit again... however- I LOVE the treats- and I know that if I leave my phantom out to be seen then- I will be passed by, the next time someone tries to deliver some yummy treats to my house. So, I'm going to ask in my best, most sincere and cute childish voice..... "AWWWW, DO I HAVE TO???"

I get it- I really do! We want everyone to get a chance at getting treats-- but we are talking about TREATS here! Halloween treats! And I'm selfish when it comes to treats!

So, by a show of comments- what do you think- do you think the "phantom" will hate me for not posting up my phantom outside my door-- or should I be a good sport and just suck it up and put it on my door to let people know I have been visited??

I'm torn! But the treats were absolutely delicious and I wish I had thought to take a picture of them before we ate them all, to the very last crumb. :)

Thanks again my phantom!!


KID, MD said...

This is such a fun idea! I think I'll start it up here in Temple...

Anonymous said...

We got Phantom-ed one year and "forgot" to leave the phantom out to be seen.

We got it three more times that year. It was awesome. And wrong. But awesome.