Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Match Made in Heaven!

What spells love more then a couple who can do silly things together without feeling weird?! This post is to salute my parents on their 30th wedding anniversary and their brave attempt to look like walruses with chopsticks! Thanks for teaching me that you can have fun and be in love with your sweetheart for all eternity and that each year just gets better and better! I learned all I know from you two:)

Happy 30th Anniversary!

Here are a few pictures from the celebration at Benihana!

My Dad wanted to one up everyone and try to eat with his chopsticks using his eyes. The chef thought he was the funniest man alive while his children laughed at him like he was the weirdest dad alive. :) But that is what we LOVE about him- and my mom laughs right along with him- after 30 years- she still has yet to get tired of his jokes! Sincere laughter ALWAYS follows.
Me Christie and Emily sat at one end of the table-- We love not letting our parents live down many moments-- we are ruthless:)

Here is the gang that was able to go. Chet had to work and my kids had fun with a babysitter at home:)

Happy anniversary again Mom and Dad! I love you so much and you two are truly a match made in Heaven!


spenceandcass said...

Happy anniversary you two!

Monica said...

Happy Anniversary to two of the coolest people I know and love!! Your whole extended family makes up a large percentage of all my favorite people in the world!

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

I love your parents! What great examples.