Saturday, April 26, 2008

All about mom's!

Since we are on the topic of mom's I thought I would share 2 websites that I absolutely love:)

edit: The links were not working when I tried. They kept adding my blog address to the link address-- so if you can't get to it by directly clicking on it, then just copy and paste, or delete my blog address from the address in the page it brings up when you click on it. The "work" to do that is worth it:)

The first is: . Seriously- this site is awesome! I know that as moms we so often will think we are not good enough, are we doing right by our kids, is this right or is that way better? And for each child, the answer may differ, we just have to remember that Mom's are not perfect, and as long as we are making progress, then we need to enjoy the journey instead of beating ourselves up about what we could have done better. Just learn and keep going with a smile:)

My next fun mommy site is . There are just a bunch of fun give aways and a bunch of fun sites run by mom's and mommy blogs! Play around and you're sure to find something fun:)