Monday, October 27, 2008

You know what is SOOO nice after a crazy, busy weekend?

The ability to fully appreciate what RELAAAAAAAAAAAAAXING really is. Yes- this is a post about LAST weekend- because I'm SO on TOP of things- it is almost crazy!:)

Let's start with Cougar Under the Stars! It was a beautiful night- and the kids had so much fun just running around and playing on the playground watching the giant screen all at the same time! It was pure craziness- I tell you:) Here are plenty o' pics of that night.

Here are Dante and Erin getting ready to hop on the big jumper slide (that they were taking down at this point) I love how Dante can always get a really good picture with his bum in the air like that- it is like on cue- EVERYTIME!

Dante made it up- and it seems as though Erin is still in the same exact spot.... hmmmmmm?? She's a fast one!
Ethan LOVES to ride on daddy's shoulders- anytime he gets the chance!

Erin too:) We are so happy when dad gets to come and do FUN stuff with us! He is gone too much:)
Take note of the t-shirts the 2 boys in the middle are wearing- they are the "official" Cougar Under the Stars t-shirts and since I'm the coolest mom on the block and didn't get my kids the t-shirts- I thought WOW! BYU COUGARS-- Same thing! So- we all wore our matching BYU COUGAR sweatshirts! COOL- COOL!
Like father like son- no matter what the picture- they play off each other so well! Chet just randomly started to choke Dante- and Dante's reaction was SPOT ON! It is like constant improv when you watch these two have a conversation! I'll have to tape it sometime- SO FUNNY!
Now, Erin on the other hand.... not so much! Erin was actually crying in this picture about something completely dumb... and so Chet thought it would be funny to take a picture of her crying over nothing- and as soon as I whipped out the camera- Erin's frown turned into a huge smile- so now the picture looks kind of funny- since only Daddy is "crying"
MOM- Can I go to bed yet??!
The movie went WAY past the kids bed time- and Dante and Ethan both had early morning soccer games- so we hurried home and tried to fall asleep as quickly as we could....

Ethan doesn't look like such a hardcore player and so far this season he has been an asset to the team- but not the STAR-- maybe here is why..........

He likes to pick his nose!

I mean REALLY pick his nose! (Can't you tell?)
Here I told him to smile- and he had to do it like this!
The game was SO intense that Chet decided to play a little one on one with Dante before his game started!Water Break!

Peace and LOVE, this is a GREAT GAME!
Ethan jumping for joy at the end of the game because somehow in between all that nose picking- he was able to score not 1- not TWO- BUT a grand total of SIX goals in the game!
Then he decided, that they need to change their uniforms to something MUCH more in style- I mean COME ON BOSS! I'M THE STAR OF THE TEAM NOW!
Here we tried to get a cute family picture- but Dante was no where to be found, Erin was crying because she got stuck at the game wearing her pajamas (long story.. ask Elise), and well- Ethan was high after scoring all those goals! But- BOY do Chet and I look GOOD!

(ps. Dante's team won too- but I forgot to take pics- sorry!)

And to top our weekend off... Sunday night we hightailed our way across town to Kingwood to have dinner with a friend of Chet's who was visiting from California. Her sister was so sweet to have us over for dinner and a round of games.Here is everyone playing not only Apple's to Apple's but BIBLE Apple's to Apple's!


And here is the crew- Rachelle and Kari (sisters from Cali. from Chet's ward growing up) Our kids and little Austin (or Jason according to Ethan) and Chester- the grandmaster himself, who my kids literally have to be on top of all the time! He is a LOVED man!

And when we got home- Chet and I put the kids to bed and were able to actually SIT and relax for the first time in 2 days.....and it FELT good!!;)


spenceandcass said...

Cute kids. Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun!

herofanfamily said...

It was fun to pull up your site and have a song from Hocus Pocus play we just watched it 2 nights ago. Good Times. I'm glad you guys have some fun with Ethan's nose picking. Are nose picking child causes us pain by having, twice now sent us to the ER to have the little veins in his nose sottered, because we couldn't get his nose to stop bleeding. It's get a little old now, and I wish he could lear to control it a little better, Oh Well kids will be kids! Pictures are cute, and you guys look like you had a fun, crazy weekend.

BeatlesDiva said...

You have such a cute and fun family!

Anonymous said...

You guys are wild-- are you saying I missed Ethan vs. Aubrey? That would've been soooo entertaining!

Anonymous said...

You guys are wild-- are you saying I missed Ethan vs. Aubrey? That would've been soooo entertaining!