Saturday, October 13, 2007

Birthdays, birthdays are SO fun!

This afternoon I took all my kids to my best friend from highschool little girls birthday party! She is 3 weeks younger then Erin - and they all had so much fun together. The party was awesome!! The weather was pretty perfect and the kids just loved running around and playing.

Dante is my ham... he has to pose for EVERY picture- in this one- he is dancing towards the camera.
This is Ethan and his wonderfully disgusting habit of having to have ketchup with EVERYTHING! Here is it ketchup and Lay's potato chips... after that it was ketchup and Dorito's.
Here is Erin with her pink cotton candy! They rented a cotton candy machine... it was a hit!!:)
Here is Erin posing for the camera back at home.... I took one of Dante and his medal.. and she had to have one taken of her too! Silly little girl:)
Dante again posing! Now- the medal- what did he win?? Absolutely NOTHING! The kids played a few games and whoever won was given a medal... well Dante was following Morgan's dad around.... and when he noticed there was a medal left over he asked if he could have it. So- it doesn't matter what if y ou win- it matters if you GET the medal!
Here is me with Melissa! We were inseperable in highschool! She has 3 little girls now and they are all too cute! It was so nice to catch up:)
Here is Ethan just laying back and trying to stay cool. He should have had lemondade out front to sell! It was too cute of a picture. He is my most relaxed kid- but then again- he also plays the hardest. But everyone always laughs when they see him sit back and prop his feet up and then put his hands behind his head-- I'll have to get a picture next time and post it.

Here he is again on the other side just chillin!

All in all it was a really fun afternoon... and I wish there was a party every weekend- it tires my kids out and it is nice to chat while the kids just run around!