Friday, October 12, 2007

How many blogs can I create in one day!!;) Race is ON!

So! Today is just one of those days- where my house has been pretty spotless ALL week- and the ONE day that it is NOT is the ONE day that everyone decides to come over! My "nightly" routine of going through my house and vacuuming and getting everything in order for the next day was interrupted, because Chet and I went out on a date night last night! And by the time we got back- I was too wiped out to do it- and thought I would just get up early and get it all done then. But does that EVER happen?? Nope- not in my household! LOL! Needless to say- it was well worth it. We had a lot of fun last night. It was last minute and we were just going to go see a movie and I guess google was a little off because our 8:25 movie was actually NOT playing at our theatre at all... it had already left. So, what are we to do now! We have already had pizza at home with the kids.....and it is a GORGEOUS night!! I mean you can't get more perfect weather! It was about 72 or so and almost chilly for Houston this time of year, with a light breeze. So- we decided to walk through Sugar Land Town Square,! It was beautiful- and even though all the shops were closed- it was a nice, quiet evening just walking around and enjoying the "scenery". I absolutely LOVE living in Sugar Land. It doesn't hurt to be 1 block away from your parents either... but I just love the atmosphere and how it is green year round and just everything:) It was the perfect evening- and I'm glad that google got it wrong for once! (I'm blaming it on google because Chet SWEARS he got it right!;)) So, this morning nothing got done- Erin had dance at 11:00 -11:45 and then I had some friends over for lunch from 12:00 to about 2:00 - and while they were here, a friend from church came to check out my house for our paint situation- since we are getting the whole thing repainted, and he has a crew, so he wanted to guage what I wanted done (painters start Monday!!) YEAH! I need to pick out colors too (since it has been 1 year since my kids have taken anything to the walls- I feel safe to repaint now - and I'm WAY too impatient to do it myself room by room - just get it done! Right!?:)) So- while that was all going on- and 7 little kids were running around my house within the mess.......... let's just say- I'm PUTTING it off. So- here is my game plan! I'll clean for 30 min. or so... and then I'll do a blog entry- I always have a LOT to say and tell! Then clean again til' it is done! So- ya'll can actually find out how long it takes me to clean my house too! I can't believe I haven't entered anything for October! I could have sworn I had- and then I see my last entry was at the end of Sept?? So- let's start mid- October off with a bang!!;)