Friday, October 12, 2007

Tag Game #2! Provided by Sonja!

What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was a junior in highschool and I was about to turn 17!! I was a Varsity Cheerleader and on the Varsity Tennis team. I thought I was the bizzomb!

What was I doing 5 years ago?

I was learning how to juggle 2 kids... Dante would have been 19 months and Erin was 1 month. We were living in a basement apartment in the Riverwoods and again I thought I was living the high life:) That's a good thing right?

What was I doing 1 year ago?

One year ago, I was turning 26 in 2 weeks (hint-hint! Yes- that means my b-day is TWO weeks from today!) I was LOVING the independence I was having! My kids seemed to be so grown up and they could ALL walk and talk and I was just enjoying the stage I was in! I had just put Dante in kindergarten and I didn't cry when I walked away from the school. I was still enjoying the weather. I was working full time for my hubby with our business..... and I loved where I was at!

What did yo
u do yesterday?

Holy cow!! What DID I do yesterday?! Does anyone remember! All I know is that this week has FLOWN by! Let's see- I remember what I did Tuesday- that counts for yesterday right? Tuesday I had a meeting up at the school for Art a la Carte- I'm in charge of all of 1st grade this year--- EEEK!! What was I thinking:) Just kidding! I know I was having a GREAT day that day- and I thought I could do it all!! Boy- reality has hit!;) Then Erin and Ethan went to go play at a friends house for a couple of hours, so I went out to lunch with my mom, Elizabeth, Amy and Brett to the Cheesecake Factory! YUMMY! I got the Godiva Chocolate Brownie Sundae for dessert and it is to LIVE for! I could wake up every morning for that thing if I had nothing else to live for-- but thankfully I do:) Then I did all my normal mommy duties... walked over to my moms house with the kids - weather was perfect again! Kids went swimming over at my moms (yes- in October and in Houston- it is still swimming weather) I think that is about it! It was a fun, fun day!!

Six places I would rather be.....

  1. Hawaii
  2. Apple Hill in No. Cal! (it is gorgeous this time of year!)
  3. Venice
  4. Santorini Island, Greece
  5. Shopping in NYC
  6. I actually just love wherever I am!
5 Treats that I LOVE
  1. Never on Sundae from the Pizza Factory in Provo- which I haven't had in 4 years- but I have tried to recreate it at home- and it's not too bad!!
  2. World Class Chocolate Ice-cream cake (ALL ice-cream - no cake!) from Baskin Robbins
  3. My special Chocolate Chip cookies! I went on a mission a while back for the best recipe and it took like 50 recipes tried and failed to find it- but I FOUND it! Literally I could sell them! I could be the next Mrs. Fields! In fact- it was "supposedly" the Mrs. Fields recipe... but I got it on-line- but in the actual Mrs. Fields cookbook... it is totally different then the one I pulled from on-line! I think it is a sign! AND- I have NOT found it online since!!!
  4. Fudge Brownie Nut Bluebell Ice-cream in a cake ice-cream cone!
  5. Ice! I LOVE ice!!


What would I do with a million dollars?

I would invest what I could to keep it rolling in dough..... but with the rest I would pay off our debt and then buy YOU whatever you wanted!!;)
5 Favorite TV shows

1. Dancing with the Stars!
2. Lost
3. Heroes
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. Ugly Betty
6. The Office
7. 30 Rock

(oh, and I'm secretly REALLY torn about Will's Traveler- I LOVED that show- and I cannot believe they are not bringing it back!! Is there anyone else with me on this one??)

(no longer on air)

1. Arrested Development
2. Friends
3. Seinfeld
4. 90210
5. Alias

My most memorable thing right now?

How no matter what! My kids do not run out of funny stuff to say, or cute things to do, or things that make me go WOW! I just love you! I JUST LOVE YOU! I MEAN- I JUST REALLY,REALLY LOVE YOU! I know without a shadow of a doubt, that they have been sent to me to make MY life more enjoyable and meaningful and to teach me! And to make me more sensitive and not to laugh at everything and anything! To be more understanding, to be more patient, to have more empathy, to be nurturing, to be a peacemaker! Most people would think you need these qualities BEFORE you have kids--- well- I thought I did have them- but apparently I'm STILL learning, and I don't mind it one bit! (and I'm saying all this as Dante- my 6 year old - is singing - " Can I please get on, can I please get on- I'm asking very nicely- can I please get on!" So- it is time to sign off and let him play his "Friday" night games! LOL!! '



Me and Them said...

SO fun to read your responses! ICE? As a treat? You crack me up! Thanks for responding :D Love reading about your family!