Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our little Dennis the Menace!

Now how can ANYONE get mad at a face like that?? He is just too precious and even though he is a little too much like Dennis the Menace, and even though sometimes I can really, really relate to Mr. Wilson - I'm trying to look at everything he does that is "Dennisy" from the audiences point of view and just laugh! Dennis make you laugh, right?! So, lets start out with the stories! As everyone knows- that is if you have been KEEPING up with my blog:) - we are in the process of painting our house. So, as I can't really clean around the painter guys- I usually wait until they are gone at 5 - I've been enjoying my time with my kids and doing the things they normally do in the day. So- I've been very RIGHT THERE every minute- and Ethan STILL manages to get around me! So- yesterday here is what happened.

1. Ethan comes up to me snickering- Mom, I painted the wall white! - and I thought he was kidding because he was laughing - and I was like - haha! very funny! So, I then think- oh, wait- I better check! So, I say Ethan- show me where you painted the wall?? He shows me and sure enough- you can definitely see in the picture below where he went. The painter did it nice and straight and then Ethan did it all squiggly. Thank goodness it was just the primer!

2. So, I thought I learned with the white! Well, this time- he decides to paint the wall red! That wall is our entry way wall- and it is going to be totally tan- NOT red! All he can say is SMILE REALLY BIG and say I didn't mean to!

3. Whenever I try to vacuum either Erin or Ethan will hide behind a door or in another room and hold onto the cord and figure I won't know it is them. It is funny the first time or 2 and then after the 100th time- I'm like - ok- NO MORE! LOL! Well, Ethan had just woken up from his nap and I started to vacuum and he came out on the couch, still a little groggy- and hmmmm..... you would think he's be able to resist the vaccuum cord, without a place to hide- but can you see him?? And that he is holding the vacuum cord?? Yes- that is his blonde hair and one eye peeking out:)4. So, Ethan has been wanting to go down to the beach to visit his Aunt Christie and so I told him we would go this weekend. Well, he immediately goes and gets his backpack and puts his pajamas in there and what else does he decide to put in there because we may starve out there?? A block of cheese! That's it! Just a 2 lb. block of cheese- and he decided to take it out of the 2 ziplock bags that keep it fresh and just stuck it in there with his pj's! I found it probably an hour later- and put it back in the fridge asap- and not 10 min. later he must have noticed his backpack wasn't as heavy or just had a craving for his cheese and noticed it wasn't there and went back in the fridge to get it!

5. These next few pictures are a series that I thought were hilarious. He is playing a game on the computer- his first time ever to be interested in an actual game. So, he is playing ZUMA and has no idea what he is doing so he dies really, really fast! I tried to tell him what to do- but he wants none of it! So- I'm sure you can read the pictures ahead and how it panned out- when he lost the last time!

6. This one I do not have a picture of because if I had taken a picture of this poor creature and put it up for the world to see- I would have felt totally derranged! So, yesterday we woke up to a flat tire- and as Chet and I were changing it.... Ethan finds an earth worm. At first he kind of freaks out, because the worm is wiggling like crazy, but then he picks him up. I'm too busy to really notice what he does with the worm. I just figured he would do what I would at that age- and pick it up and look at it and then drop it! EWWW slimy! So, I come back into the house and I'm checking my e-mail real quick and Ethan runs in, and is like mom- the worm is all bloody and dead! I said - You brought the worm in the house?????????????????????? And I did not want to see a bloody worm... so I told him..... you go get some toilet paper right now and throw him in the trash or put him back outside! I thought if I didn't have to see him - then he never existed..... so about 5 min. later Ethan runs back in and I figured he was going to say DONE like normal... but this time he doesn't say anything and THROWS the WORM onto my keyboard and it is split in half and dead! I about gagged! I immediatley pushed my chair away and went to go get toilet paper and finally put that worm away! What was he thinking??? LOL!

Sometimes that boy makes me go crazy! But then he puts on that smile and charm and I'm like ok- do whatever you want!


Avery's mommy said...

Your stories make me laugh! They also make me realize to enjoy having just one child for as long as possible! hehe!

Jill Hunt said...

Bertie, I do remeber you especially because I remembered your son's name was also Ethan. Great to hear from you!! Cute kids!