Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let's go fly a kite and send it................

DIVING?!?!?! Today has been the most beautiful day! I have spent about 5 hours outside today- and it has been gorgeous! Again- another cloudless day- with it being about 75 degrees and sunny and a nice breeze. Last weekend we were lucky to have gone to the beach- because the next day there was a cold front that came through and now at night- it gets into the 50's. So- the beach might be a little too chilly now..... but during the day the weather is perfect! So- after being at the park for 3 hours this afternoon for Mom's and Tots.... we walked over to my moms when Dante got home from school- and Uncle Brett wanted to go fly his cool trick kite- and we thought we would tag along! This kite is CRAZY!!!! I mean- CRAZY- i felt like it was a HUGE dog and I was this teeny tiny kid with a leash on the dog and the dog running at full speed and making me feel out of control. When the wind caught the kite- it really went, and this isn't an ordinary kite-- it is a "real mans" kite! It was awesome- and you can do tricks with it- once you learn to actually control the strings (it is a 2 arm kite) - Unfortunately - I think I made it dive WAY more then actually flying it!

Here is me attempting to fly the kite. It looks pretty good- but it came down crashing right after the picture!

Here is Uncle Brett flying the kite- and he was very good at controlling it and flipping it. It gets kind of scary because you don't know what the wind will do- and you kind of have to run for your life if it starts coming at you--- which I had to do a few times- thanks to Brett.Here it is soaring!
I took this picture at the park- just to let people know we do have a fall in Houston! See- on this tree the leaves have changed colors. It doesn't matter that all the rest of the trees around are still green, or that this tree is extrememly small - THIS tree had a fall - and that is proof enough for me:)
Here is Dante playing on the bike rack at his school. This is the field where we had fun with the kite!
Erin on her favorite horsey!
Ethan on his little ducky. I love having this park in my back yard!! It is great:) Only setback- is you have to wait for school to be out before you can go play! There are 3 other big kid play grounds around the school too- but my camera ran out of batteries before I could take more pictures.

So- if you feel as though I am rubbing our nice weather in your face- all I am really trying to do is get you to come and visit us here in Texas! This weather cannot be beat right now! And you are welcome in our home anytime:) OPEN INVITATION!! Any takers?!?!:)


Jill Hunt said...

I love days like that. It was really nice here too yesterday and me and the boys spent a lot of time outside. I love this weather but you know Utah, weather can change so fast over night.

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